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  • Entering the Electrical Industry

    Read more on CareerWise: Entering the Electrical Industry

    Your guide to electrical apprenticeships and pre-trade.

    ETCO- The Electrical Training Experts
    Apprenticeships offer varied workdays, learning by doing, and an unparalleled sense of pride that you are physically contributing to the world. 

    Our guide to entering the electrical industry covers;
    • Entry requirements
    • Salary guides
    • Choosing an employer
    • Apprenticeship structure
    • Career pathways
    • …and more 
    Read full post on CareerWise >
  • NZ Gaming industry gets funding boost as job demand grows

    Read more on CareerWise: NZ Gaming industry gets funding boost as job demand grows

    Chair of the NZ Game Developers Association, Chelsea Rapp caught up with Newshub Nation to break down the importance and reach of the booming national game development industry.

    Watch here

    “Games are used for education, medical rehab and job training simulations… it’s a much larger industry than people realise,” said Chelsea, who is also the Games Ambassador for the University of Canterbury’s Digital Screen Campus.

    New Zealand’s national game development industry is now worth more than wool and its value is on track to reach $1 billion by 2026, so news of a 20% rebate in the recent budget proves it’s time for Kiwis to look beyond the bias – it’s more than Call of Duty.

    Find out more about the Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours degree>

    Read full post on CareerWise >

  • Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School

    Read more on CareerWise: Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School

    Applications are now open to study at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School in 2024. We have five undergraduate courses and one postgraduate course that specialise in a number of areas, that prepare students for a successful career in the performing arts, screen, stage and live events industries in Aotearoa, and abroad.

    Important dates:

    • There are two key closing dates for applications:

    • Applications close on August 18, 2023 for the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Acting)

    • Applications close on September 29, 2023 for the Bachelor of Design (Stage & Screen), Bachelor of Performing Arts (Management), NZ Diploma in Costume Construction, and NZ Diploma in Scenic Construction & Properties closes on September 29, 2023.

    • The Toi Whakaari Open Day will be held on August 25, 2023. Registration is required using this online form: Register for Open Day or on our website.

    Any questions:

    Should you need to contact us, we can be reached as follows:

    Craig Atkins – Registrar / +04 381 9221

    Taylor-Rose Terekia – Kairuruku Kōrero (Communications & Marketing Coordinator) / +04 381 9239

    Read full post on CareerWise >