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  • LPHS Students Selected for New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Symphony Orchestra

    LPHS Students Selected for New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Symphony Orchestra

    In the Term One school holidays, three LPHS students were selected to play as part of the national orchestra – the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Symphony Orchestra (NZSSSO).

    These students were Damian Dyke (French horn), Savarna Yang (violin) and Callum Fotheringham (oboe). 

    These students rehearsed hard and put on a performance with the orchestra, as part of this week-long intensive event in Christchurch. Well done to these hard-working students, and for representing LPHS and Dunedin at a national level in orchestral playing!

  • Race Relations Assemblys

    Race Relations Assemblys

    We celebrated the United Nations Race Relations Day on 19 March with Special Assemblies

    Our International Languages Prefects along with our Kapa Haka Prefects organised the event celebrating Logan Park’s cultural diversity.  We have celebrated this day every year since it started in 2003.

    Through it we aim to celebrate all of the cultural/racial diversity within Logan Park.

    Kristan Mouat has been the lead organiser of Race Unity celebrations each year since we begun tradition and we are proud to keep her loving memory alive through this inclusivity-based custom.

  • Geography Field Beach Trip

    Geography Field Beach Trip

    Y13 Geographers ventured out to Tunnel and Saint Clair beaches for a coastal processes field trip in March.

    The purpose of the trip was to collect data on beach profiles, sediment movement and wave patterns to assist students in addressing their research aims. We were treated to a high pressure weather system (cracker day) and students enjoyed doing Geography where it belongs – in the outdoors. Big thanks to Ms Daly and Mr Gracey for coming along and sharing their expertise. 

  • la Petanque

    la Petanque

    Quality instead of quantity!

    We need to keep an eye on the quality of the petanque players LPHS is producing – and follow their journeys onto bigger stages! Not only do we have players at school who play a formidable game and often win the local competitions but we have ex-students competing on the international stage.

    It is a fun sport and easily accessible, played at the Petanque terrains in Mornington and the organising club is so welcoming that I was even allowed to play. 

    Hopefully we can introduce some more players in term 4 to this beautiful and very technical sport.

  • MasterChef Korean Food

    MasterChef Korean Food

    On Monday 18 March, the Korean classes had the opportunity to take part in the annual Masterchef Korean Food Day.

    The students had a great time eating delicious Korean food that they made themselves.

    It was a great opportunity to learn and enjoy Korean culture through Korean food, and it was great to see so many students show off their culinary skills and work together to help each other.

    The student-made Korean food menu includes kimchi, kimbap, tteokbokki, bulgogi, bibimbap, stir-fried pork, dumplings, and hotteok.

  • Dunedin Race Relations Week 2024 – Kimchi making demo

    Dunedin Race Relations Week 2024 – Kimchi making demo

    On the 21st of March, as a part of the Dunedin Race Relations Week 2024, our Korean class were invited to join the DMCC (Dunedin Multicultural Council) team for an enriching afternoon of community, learning, and shared experiences.

    People were immersed in traditional Korean culture as the Korean-class students and I showcased our skills through a kimchi making demonstration.

  • Year 12 PE Rafting Trip

    Year 12 PE Rafting Trip

    The year 12 Level 2 Physical Education classes completed the Taieri leadership challenge in early March.

    In groups of 10, the teams were given challenges to complete based around working together using the rafts, problem solving and racing against the clock.  

  • SISS MT bike champs Coronet Peak

    SISS MT bike champs Coronet Peak

    On the 20th of February, a group of eight keen mountain bikers headed up to Queenstown for three days of racing for the South Island secondary schools mountain bike champs 2024.

    The first day was a slow start for the team, with only one rider competing in the cross country. Aedan Lehr placed 11th in his category after 4 laps of a 4 km course.

    Day two dawned bright, with the beautiful views of coronet peak shrouded in mist. All eight Logan park riders headed up for their early morning downhill practice. After warming up, it was a quick transition into Seeding and then Finals. The first Logan Park rider to drop was Ty Murphy, setting a good time of 4:48.

    Progressing through the age groups, Keanu Topping finished with 4:04, Olly Jane, 3:55, Manu Buddingh, 3:42, Liam Dick 3:59, and Aedan, 3:41. After a long day of racing everyone was relieved to get off the mountain and rest for a big enduro race the next day.

    After a quick race briefing it was straight into it, with all under 16,17 and under 20 Logan Park riders heading down Dirt Serpent for their first stage, while Ty Murphy (under 15) headed down Rude Rock. With a couple decent climbs across the 4 stage enduro course, everyone was super excited to ride some of the best tracks Coronet Peak had to offer!

    Ty set a time of 23:36 across all four stages, with Keanu not far in front with 21:48. 

    Reg Billot set a good time of 23.12, Manu with a 19:51, Liam, 20:49, and Aedan, 18:58. 

    Happy and satisfied with a good 3 days racing everyone settled in for the long drive home.

    This was such an awesome event! 

  • The Year 13 Physical Education Hikoi / Back Yard Journey

    The Year 13 Physical Education Hikoi / Back Yard Journey

    Twenty four year 13 students headed off for the annual “Hīkoi/Journey” in March, the trip involves a two day trip around Dunedin, using bikes, rafts and their legs!

    This place-based experience aimed to promote learning that is rooted in what is local; the unique history, environment, flora and fauna of North Dunedin, the harbour and the Otago Peninsula, whilst minimising their carbon footprint and practising leaving no trace values. 

    Learning through a physical journey about the students’ own “place”. A short ride to Bethunes Gully, followed by a walk over Kapukataumahaka/Mt Cargill, through Grahams Bush, Sawyers Bay and around to Back Beach.  

    From Back Beach they rafted to Quarantine Island Kamau Taurua for the night. The following day they rafted to Portobello, then students cycled 21Km back to school. 

    This trip focused on how a local journey can connect students to the places that they live in, with the underlying philosophy that the more knowledge they have with the local places they live in, the more they care about them, and the more our cultural capacity grows.

  • Les macarons (not Macron)

    Les macarons (not Macron)

    No this is not an easy endeavor! En fait c’est difficile!

    We had talked about it in class and now we were ready for the challenge! A big merci to Madame Craik who swapped classrooms with us so we could have a go! We now know why they are so expensive in the shops! The ingredients definitely but just the time and care it takes to make them perfect! As this was our first time, a few mix-ups happened – egg-whites were mixed straight with the almond flour, colours added too early, egg-whites not beaten stiff enough, etc….. Mais (but) they all came out better than expected and tasted delicious – mostly (shhh – don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story).

    Enjoy the photos and watch the space! If you want to give them a go at home, please watch the video by Roxanne! Very entertaining!

  • Collaboration between 13 Hospitality and 9 French

    Collaboration between 13 Hospitality and 9 French

    How do you pronounce this word – crepes? We love eating them and can buy them at the farmers market – and now we know how to say the word properly – without the s and that it does not sound like crap!

    We had a busy period to make crepes together which allowed all of us to cook with a purpose as the Year 13s had organised the ingredients for the ….crepes and la quatrieme (9 French) the toppings – and then great combinations came alive – most involved cream (la creme) and chocolate (le chocolat) in some form. The idea was also to learn some basic French as the cooking happened such as je voudrais (I would like) and c’est delicieux (It’s delicious).

    Thank you so much to 13 Hospitality who shared their skills and space with us – we will be back, we hope!

  • Cultural Design Inspiration: Te Rangihīroa Field Trip

    Cultural Design Inspiration: Te Rangihīroa Field Trip

    Year 11 Design and Visual Communication students recently explored the Māori-inspired design of Te Rangihīroa, the University of Otago’s new student hall of residence.

    The college is named after Otago alumnus Te Rangihīroa (Sir Peter Buck), the first Māori medical graduate from a New Zealand university (1904).

    Guided by former LPHS teacher Deirdre Cooper, they explored modern architecture inspired by cultural design concepts. The excursion offered insight into the significance of each architectural detail, from carved wooden panels to vibrant artworks, encouraging students to incorporate Māori culture into their own designs.

  • Senior A Girls Volleyball Team

    Senior A Girls Volleyball Team

    I am thrilled to share the incredible journey of our Senior A Girls Volleyball Team with you all!

    Our talented team has been on an exhilarating ride, competing in the Monday Night Volleyball competition, Otago Seeding Tournament, Otago Championships, Mainlands, and SISS Satellites Volleyball tournament. They’ve shown immense dedication and passion for the sport, and their achievements have left us all beaming with pride!

    It all started at the Otago Seeding Tournament, where our team secured a fantastic 5th place. This early success motivated them to strive for even greater heights. And they did just that at the Mainlands tournament, where they played their hearts out and secured a remarkable 3rd place. The energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and our girls carried that momentum into the SISS Satellites Volleyball tournament, where they once again claimed 3rd place, showcasing their talent and determination.

    What makes our team truly special is not just their skill on the court but also their teamwork and positive attitude. They’ve inspired us all with their hard work and dedication, and they’ve shown that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

    A big shoutout to our coaches, supporters, and everyone who has cheered for our Senior A Girls Volleyball Team throughout this journey.

  • Level 1 Geography Trips to Aoraki/Mt Cook

    Level 1 Geography Trips to Aoraki/Mt Cook

    In weeks 9 and 10 of Term 1 we had 2 groups of Year 11 Geography students head up to Aoraki/Mt Cook national park.

    We enjoyed a Salmon farm tour and tasting on the way up and on both trips were treated to a clear view of Aoraki as we drove up to the Mt Cook village. Trip one had a dome cinema experience at the Hermitage after, unfortunately, our boat trip was cancelled due to rain but the sun shone on us for the afternoon and we headed up the Hooker valley spotting glacial features and geographic phenomena that we had learned about in class. Trip 2 also had great weather for the walk and in the late afternoon got to set out on the glacial explorer boats which took us up to icebergs and the face of the Tasman Glacier.
    It is incredible to have the opportunity to get so close to mountains and glaciers and really experience and consolidate the learning we have done in the classroom.

    Thanks to the wonderful staff and students for making the trips so memorable. 



    On Friday the 22nd of March, Ingrid from Vuleta Dance came into LPHS to teach the year 10 dance class about Bachata.

    We learnt about the different kinds of steps/moves and a small piece of choreography; that we will have an opportunity to perform soon with Vuelta Dance in a local performance. As well as performing for school in the Let’s Dance competition in October. 

    We think it is really important to learn a new style of dance to extend our knowledge, experience and ability so we are very grateful for the chance to do so and have people come in and help us out. 

    Ingrid taught us with energy and enthusiasm and was a very clear and supportive teacher. We are all very thankful for her visit to our school and hope she comes again!

  • Senior A boys Volleyball

    Senior A boys Volleyball

    In March this year, the Senior A Boys Volleyball Team played in the Otago Champs in Dunedin and in the Satellite Tournament in Christchurch.

    During the Otago champs some of our players were away on Year 13 camp which meant that some members of the B team had to step up and fill their positions. They did a fantastic job, and this was a great opportunity for a number of younger players to develop. 

    The final game played at Otago Champs was a super exciting game against Trinity College with one of the sets going to 30-28, in a huge comeback, after being down by close to 10 points. The Senior A Boys won this game, 3-1, and ended up finishing 7th place overall, which was an improvement from 2023. 

    The Satellite tournament up in Christchurch had a lot of ups and downs with our first game ending in a brutal loss for our team. All the other following games went much better after we had properly woken up and were in the right head space. Although we lost some games early on, we played well, won some sets, had some fantastic rallies, and most sets we only lost by close margins. 

    The first game that we won was against Hagley collage with 3 sets to 1 the win. This win was good for our momentum as the next game we played was a 3 to 0 set win. 

    The Satellite tournament was the last tournament that our year 13 players Arlo Bickerstaff, Oscar Lambeth, Quinn Byers and Alex Brown could play so taking a couple wins home was really good. We finished 9th overall in Division 1, out of 24 teams across two divisions. This is an improvement from 2023, and we are all excited about moving the years to come with new players coming into the team. 

    Thanks to Ed Bickerstaff for coming away as the teams manager in Christchurch and to Nik Martin for being assistant coach throughout the 2024 season.

    Christchurch roster:

    Arlo bickerstaff, outside hitter yr13

    Alex Brown, middle (captain) yr13

    Quinn Byers, setter/opposite yr13

    Finn Dixon-Stewart, middle (co captain) yr12

    Matai Franzbowden, libero yr12

    Oscar Lambeth, middle yr13

    Will Mead, outside yr12

    Otto (Cameron) Morrison, setter/opposite yr10

    Leo Nichols, outside/opposite yr12

    Alby Kaminszky outside/opposite yr11

    Danielle Frost, coach

    Ed Bickerstaff, manager

    Extra players for Otago champs:

    Emerson Davies, middle/opposite yr11

    Thom Field, opposite yr12

    Adi Khan, opposite/outside yr11

  • March Sports Roundup

    March Sports Roundup

    The past month has been fantastic for our school’s sporting talents, with numerous achievements and victories across various disciplines. From track and field to duathlon, orienteering to table tennis, and volleyball, our athletes have showcased outstanding dedication and skill, making our school proud on multiple fronts.

    In the realm of athletics, several of our students soared to victory at the Otago Secondary School Athletics Championships. Fynn Jackson demonstrated remarkable prowess by securing top honors, while Amelia Kaloga, Moshe Kelly, and Luca McKenzie also excelled, each finishing within the top three in their respective events. Additionally, our relay teams exhibited great teamwork and speed, with Shay Sculpher, Keanu Topping, Ollie Warrington, and Taman Mladenov claiming an exhilarating second place in the U16 relay race. Meanwhile, Isabel Taylor, Lilah Langi-Scott, Amelia Smith, and Mikayla Secord exhibited grit and determination to clinch third place in the U14 girls’ relay.

    Fynn Jackson continued to dominate. He competed in the South Island Secondary School Duathlon, clinching first place in the Senior Boys Individual Race, showcasing his versatility and endurance across multiple sports.

    The success story continued in orienteering, with Odin Hyink and Geordie Stephenson leading the charge for the second year in a row. Odin secured first place in the Senior Boys category, closely followed by Geordie in second place. Logan Park emerged victorious, claiming the Senior Boys Champions Cup, a testament to the dedication and skill of our orienteering team. Logan Park has a regular group of students competing on Sunday afternoons in the Secondary School and Club league. This group outstandingly claimed the Teams Cup for best Secondary school team. Team members: Odin Hyink, Geordie Stephenson, Torin Stephens, Anika Leigh, Amiria Jameson, Otto Hale, Simon Macknight, Briar Henwood, Elise Hyink, James Sycamore, Henry Eyles, Cameron Russell and Oskar Weber.

    Logan Park Table tennis stars, Lara Wallace and Annie Luong, represented Otago with pride as part of the winning team in the Junior Southern Shield Clash. Their emerging talent contributed to a memorable victory.

    Not to be outdone, our volleyball teams also left their mark. The Senior A girls’ team performed admirably, finishing third in both the South Island Volleyball Championships and the Otago Volleyball Championships. Lily Abbott’s exceptional performance earned her a well-deserved place in the Otago Champs tournament team. Our Senior Boys competed in the South Island tournament also. They were selected for the 1st Division. More news via separate articles.

    We also had a convincing win for Senior A boys in a Futsal exchange with Cromwell College. The boys had a slow start with Cromwell in front at half time. Logan Park fired up for the second half winning 6-2.

    These achievements reflect not only the individual talents of our athletes but also the collective spirit and teamwork that define our school’s sporting culture. The commitment, hard work, and sportspersonship displayed by our students both on and off the field are a testament to their character and determination.

    As we celebrate these outstanding achievements, let us also recognize the coaches, teachers, and supporters who have played pivotal roles in nurturing and guiding our athletes. Their dedication and encouragement have undoubtedly contributed to the success of our sporting endeavors.

    Let’s continue to cheer on our athletes and support each other as we strive for excellence in sports. Congratulations to all our athletes on their remarkable achievements, and here’s to more victories as we head into the Winter sports season.

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