If you are keeping your child home for any reason, please contact the school.

Call (03)477-3586 then press 1
Email absences@lphs.school.nz

Remember to state your name and relationship to the child,
your child’s name, and the reason for absence.

Camp Dates


1 – Monday 19 Feb – Friday 23 Feb (10Z, 10V, 10Y)

2 – Monday 8 April – Friday 12 April (10E, 10M)

3 – Monday 6 May – Friday 10 May (10C, 10D)


Year 13:  Friday 8 March – Monday 11 March

Canteen Menu

Daily Timetable

Extracurricular Activities

Clubs, Cultural and Sporting Activities

There are many Music, Drama, Literary and Art activities at LPHS. Students can join any of the 12 drama productions each year including musicals, dance, Shakespeare, one act plays, as well as some touring work. For the artistically inclined, there are many art competitions and yearly art exhibitions to contribute to.

The English Department supervises writing competition entries, speech and debating teams. Cultural groups like the Kapa Haka and Pacific Island performance group are also popular especially at the yearly International Concert. Youth Week held every year gives students an opportunity to perform in Karaoke, debating, compering, rock band performances and to enjoy an International Food Festival.

There are numerous opportunities for musical students, including two school choirs, several chamber music groups, an orchestra, an award-winning jazz band, and an after school rock music academy. An itinerant music programme gives students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during school time.

There are active Robotics, Chess, Computer and Maths Clubs, as well as an enthusiastic Environmental Group.

Clubs and ActivitiesSummer Sports
Art PrefectsAdventure Racing
Book ClubAthletics
Chamber MusicAthletics Representative
ChessAFL Australian Football
Classics QuizCricket – Boys
Dance CrewCricket – Girls
DebatingDisability Sports
DnD ClubDisk Golf
Enrichment ClubsFutsal – Boys
Enviro ClubFutsal – Girls
E-Sports ClubHandball
Film ClubKendo Club
Fitness Room of the GymKi o Rahi
French Speaking
Mountain Biking
Homework ClubOrienteering
Humanities – History and
ODT Extra Quizzes
ICAS CompetitionsSurfing – St Clair
International Food
Surfing Competitive
International Languages – Cafe BabelSwimming
Jazz BandTennis
Karaoke WeekTouch Rugby
Kapa HakaTriathlon / Duathlon
Knitting ClubTramping
Korean Culture ClubVolleyball
Latin ClubWaterpolo
Math CompetitionsWinter Sports
Maths Enrichment ClubBadminton – Boys
Maths PrefectsBadminton – Girls
MUNA – Model United Nations eventsBasketball
Music Lessons / Itinerant LessonsCross Country / Road Races
OrchestraCross Country – School
Peer MentoringCurling
Photo ClubFootball – Boys
Public Speaking – SeniorFootball – Girls
Public Speaking – JuniorHockey – Boys
QuizzesHockey – Girls
Race Unity celebrationsIce Hockey
Robotics ClubKendo Club
Running ClubMountain Biking
School ProductionNetball
Shakespeare FestivalRugby – Boys
ShowquestRugby – Girls
Student CouncilSnow Sports
Spelling Bee (NZ) and ODT Spelling QuizTautuku Camps and Tramps
Talent Quest / Lip SyncThe Referee Club
Techni Group 
TheatreSports / Improv 
Theatre Week 
Ukulele Group 
Wellbeing Ambassadors 
Writers’ Group & Writing Competitions 

House / Group System

Students are assigned a Group Teacher, who will look after their safety, well-being and academic progress throughout their time at school. At the beginning of each year we have a House Day to get to know new students. Each of the four Houses is made up of seven Groups and has a House Dean who takes overall responsibility for you and helps you sort any problems you have at school. House Dean’s and Group teacher’s will keep in touch with your whanau or caregivers. 


Murray Thompson (mbt@lphs.school.nz)

1/1 Emily Mackenzie (ezm@lphs.school.nz)
1/2 Lydia Evans (lge@lphs.school.nz)
1/3 Luke T Fraser (ltf@lphs.school.nz)
1/4 Julia Johnston (jlj@lphs.school.nz)
1/5 Jennifer Ashby (jra@lphs.school.nz)
1/6 Kayla Robertson (ker@lphs.school.nz)
1/7 Richard Norton (ran@lphs.school.nz)
1/8 Louise Farr (lcf@lphs.school.nz)


Michelle Summerfield (mls@lphs.school.nz)

2/1 Alan Reynolds (ajr@lphs.school.nz)
2/2 Aaron Parker (asp@lphs.school.nz)
2/3 Stefan Reussenzehn (sxr@lphs.school.nz)
2/4 Danielle Frost (dsf@lphs.school.nz)
2/5 Danya Kerr (dkk@lphs.school.nz)
2/6 Suzanne Robins (slr@lphs.school.nz)
2/7 Kelly Wilkinson (kdw@lphs.school.nz)
2/8 Ben O’Farrell (bto@lphs.school.nz)
2/9 Amanda Wilson (abw@lphs.school.nz)


Paul Fielding (pef@lphs.school.nz)

3/1 Nick Biggin (ndb@lphs.school.nz)
3/2 Atawhai Hotene (arh@lphs.school.nz)
3/3 Harold Spronken (hps@lphs.school.nz)
3/4 Andrea McSweeney (anm@lphs.school.nz)
3/5 Luke J Fraser (ljf@lphs.school.nz)
3/6 Teresa Mackay (tcm@lphs.school.nz)
3/7 Tim Jones (tej@lphs.school.nz)
3/8 Rebecca Weston (rlw@lphs.school.nz)


Yvonne Caulfield (ymc@lphs.school.nz)

4/1 Paul Enright (pte@lphs.school.nz)
4/2 Lorne Secord (lfs@lphs.school.nz)
4/3 Tom Sinclair (txs@lphs.school.nz)
4/4 Dan Gracey (dxg@lphs.school.nz)
4/5 Jens Moller (jam@lphs.school.nz)
4/6 Shannon Colbert (sjc@lphs.school.nz)
4/7 Dan Greer (drg@lphs.school.nz)
4/8 Bianca Whalan (bxw@lphs.school.nz)

Important Dates

Our official term time school hours are 8.55 am until 3.00 pm.

Outside of these hours we can not accept responsibility for students unless they are involved in authorised school activities.  

Term 1 (Thursday 1 February – Friday 12 April)

Year 9, 12 and 13 only

Thursday 1 February

Year 10 and 11 only

Friday 2 February

Waitangi Day Observed

Tuesday 6 February

House Day

Wednesday 14 February

Athletics Sports Day

Tuesday 27 February

Otago Anniversary Day (observed)

Monday 25 March

Good Friday

Friday 29 March

Easter Monday

Monday 1 April

Easter Tuesday

Tuesday 2 April

Term 2 (Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July)

King’s Birthday

Monday 3 June


Friday 28 June

Term 3 (Monday 22 July – Friday 27 September)

Open Day

Sunday 4th August

Term 4 (Monday 14 October – Friday 13 December)

Labour Day

Monday 28 October


Lockers are available to all students this year at a cost of $25.
If you would like a locker for 2024 please come to the school office.

Parent/Caregiver Agreements

Submitting the online enrolment form signifies agreement with school policies including

Payments & Contributions

These can be paid to the school directly via internet banking.

Westpac – Dunedin North Branch   

Account No: 03 0883 0162950 00
Account Name: Logan Park High School
Particulars: Fees 
Code: Pupil’s Name


You can access our PDF stationery guides here:

Stationery can be ordered online from: 
Warehouse Stationery, from Qizzle or from OfficeMax.


The Logan Park High School uniform is split into 4 groups:
1. Junior (Year 9-10)
2. Senior (Year 11-12)
3. Final Year (13)
4. Physical Education

The School Office has a Uniform Shop (open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm) which carry a small stock of second-hand uniform items for school use and hardship grants. 

New uniform items are available for purchase from:

Adventure Outfitters

455 Princes Street, Dunedin

Ph: 03 477 5304

NZ Uniforms

342 Moray Place

Ph: 03 929 1213

The U Shop

84 Filleul Street, Dunedin

Ph: 03 260 7311

Visit Website

Weekly Feedback

We are keen to communicate regularly with parents/whanau to support all of our young people to develop positive learning habits. We provide weekly feedback (available in the Caregiver portal) for all students in Year 9-11. Every teacher provides a grade in their subject which gives a quick snapshot for parents to see how their child is engaging and working. Many parents find it a useful starting point for conversations with their teenagers about school.

The grade is based on teacher observation of students’ Learning Habits over the week in three categories:

1. Readiness to learn: this includes punctuality (being at class on time), having required books and equipment (pens, rulers etc, or PE gear, as detailed by subject teachers) and wearing correct uniform.
2. Engagement with learning: this includes behaviour, following instructions, participation in class and application to activities.
3. Task completion: including homework.

There are 4 grades:
4 = Outstanding learning habits observed
3 = Good learning habits demonstrated
2 = Inconsistent learning habits causing concern
1 = Learning habits causing significant concern

The week runs from Friday period 1 until Thursday period 6.
Generally a 3 (good learning habits) is what we expect from most students, whereas a 2 (inconsistent and causing concern) indicates there are areas for improvement, for example with homework completion, and a 4 is reserved for outstanding learning habits observed across the week.

Over 90% of surveyed parents appreciated the Weekly Feedback.
More detailed academic reports and comments are issued regularly throughout the year.

Weekly Feedback is NOT an indication of academic performance or ability.

You are encouraged to contact subject teachers by email if you have any questions or concerns.