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Year 9 and Whanau Afternoon Tea

We appreciated meeting so many Yr 9 whanau at our afternoon tea in March

Posted: Tuesday March 21, 2023

Fabric Technology - Celebrating Student Success in the senior school

The senior Fabric Technology students have started the year strongly.

Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023

Prefects of Logan Park High School 2023

Senior School Prefects, House leaders, Sports Prefects and Prefects / Leaders of clubs have been announced.

Posted: Saturday March 4, 2023

Park Press March 2023

Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2023

Park Press November 2022

Posted: Monday December 19, 2022

Park Press October 2022

Posted: Thursday November 3, 2022

ICAS Mathematics Competition

The ICAS Mathematics Competition is a yearly international competition open to high school students throughout New Zealand and 20 other countries globally.

Posted: Wednesday November 17, 2021

Uni Entrance Scholarships 2021

Congratulations to all of our Yr 13 leavers who collectively have won over $400,000 worth of University Scholarships.

Posted: Sunday November 7, 2021

Australian Mathematics Competition

The Australian Mathematics Competition is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students everyday lives; it is open to students in years 4 to 13.

Posted: Wednesday November 3, 2021

Junior Show 2021

The Junior Show was a little gorier than usual this year.

Posted: Sunday December 12, 2021

Otago Polytechnic Pacific Island Students Recognition Awards 2021

Congratulations to Kate Will-Tofia and Maria Hessell for winning these awards.

Posted: Monday November 29, 2021

Youth Week

We had lots of activities in our Youth Week in November during the last week with seniors

Posted: Sunday November 28, 2021

Wanaka Challenge

After the secondary schools triathlon success on Thursday 16th of February.

Posted: Saturday March 4, 2023

Athletics Day

Athletics Days was held at the start of March

Posted: Saturday March 4, 2023

Otago Secondary School Triathlon Championships

On Thursday 16th february five Logan Park teams travelled to Glendu Bay in Wanaka to compete in the Challenge Wanaka Otago Secondary School Triathlon Championships.

Posted: Sunday February 26, 2023

International Food Festival

We celebrated the end of Term 3 with our Youth Week and the International Food Festival was one of the highlights.

Posted: Friday September 30, 2022

Race Unity Celebrations

We celebrated Race Unity in March.

Posted: Monday March 14, 2022

International shared lunch

Lots of students came to the shared lunch organised by a group of Year 13 students to promote intercultural understanding at Logan Park in February.

Posted: Thursday March 3, 2022