Remembering Kristan Mouat

Kristan Mouat was remembered as a “gentle soul” at a packed memorial service.

Knox Church was filled with family, friends and colleagues of Logan Park High School co-principal Kristan Mouat along with current and former pupils of the school.

Her service took place after a school service at LPHS, where about 800 to 900 pupils were present.

The service included a karakia, a waiata, speeches and songs sung by the LPHS choir.

LPHS co-principal Peter Hills said Ms Mouat had a strong relationship with youth.

“Students adored her, they loved her and they still do. That is a unique quality to have as a teacher.”

He said Ms Mouat was confident, thriving, empowered to succeed and understood one size did not fit all.

Ms Mouat had led many progressive initiatives at the school, including race unity, an inter-faith group and peace week.

“It probably was at the end of last century that the first gay couple could go to a formal at Logan Park … yet we’ve got people still catching up right now,” Mr Hills said.

“[Ms Mouat was] a gentle soul who demands quality.”

Former pupil Bella Rennie said Ms Mouat’s influence was incredible and felt by a lot of people.

“I know for me personally the influence she had on me is embedded in my DNA as she contributed to my development into adulthood.

She was not only one of my co-principals but my teacher during my senior years of media studies. She was my year 13 scholarship mentor and then as I transitioned into being a young adult she was my friend.”

Ms Mouat’s sister Justine Mouat said her sister was a bright light that touched the hearts and minds of many.

“Kristan loved teaching and was passionate about inspiring the next generation, she believed in her students and their potential.

“She saw good in each and every one and believed in her students and would go on to do great things and that great things would come out of Dunedin.”

She was a much loved member of the community and will be sorely missed. 

You can click here to watch the live stream from her Knox Church memorial.  

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