Friday nights in Term 2 there are over a 100 Logan Park students playing basketball in the Secondary School Competition.

For the 2023 season we had five competitive teams and 5 social teams. We hold Social Basketball in our school gym and it’s a busy space. Big thanks to ex students Oe Hayward and Naomi Jutel who oversee our gym.

Senior A Girls – Frankie Vella

The senior A girls had a great developmental season this year, developing a lot as a team and as individual players. We had a lot of new and experienced faces in our player lineup which was great to see. 

The team took on the combined Prem and A grade with immense effort, a step up for the team that they took well. 

Although we did not have many wins it was fantastic to see their growth over the season. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them over the last few years, it has been wonderful to watch them grow!

Junior A Boys – Jason Frost – Coach of Senior Boy’s A and B and Junior Boys A.

The 2023 Junior A Boys Basketball team had a successful season overall. We started the season strongly, earning wins over most teams in our pool.

Led by returning Year 10 players Dustin Hayward and Kenzie Ataulla, along with newcomers Alfie Taylor and Jack Ellison Whata, we eventually qualified for the semi finals. After a tough loss we would finish 4th, learning a lot along the way and improving both individually and as a team. 

A week later we entered a National Junior Tournament here in Dunedin. We Played hard every game and had some fantastic support from family and friends. Unfortunately we weren’t able to pick up any wins, however we played above our level at times and we were pleased with our overall improvement.

Senior A Boys – Jason Frost – Coach of Senior Boy’s A and B and Junior Boys A.

The 2023 Senior A Boys Basketball team had an up and down year. We had some good wins and some close losses, eventually finishing just short of the quarter finals. 

Otago Rep players Flynn Hayward and Carlie Bachoup were season standouts, while we farewelled out going Year 13 veteran James Muir. We wish him well.

Senior B Boys – Jason Frost – Coach of Senior Boy’s A and B and Junior Boys A.

The 2023 Senior B Boys team was all about improvement. While competing in the same grade as the Senior A team, we would go many weeks before getting our first win. 

There was massive improvement from there, as players began to understand their roles, and through hard work and consistent practice we had an enjoyable season and learned a lot. Standout players: everyone!

Bring on next season!

Huge thanks to Jase for all his wonderful mahi.

Junior B Boys. – Adam Sycamore, Rumi Silvestro and Zack Dyson

One afternoon, way back in April, dozens of Logan Park students came to the Junior basketball tryouts, eager to practice and represent our school. All skill levels, ages, interests – everyone just wanting to enjoy the game, some simply for fun, others as a serious sport. 

It was in the weeks that followed that nine of us came together as a team: The Junior Boys B Team. 

Over the ensuing season, we had a great time playing other schools, practicing together, and learning valuable skills during our many after school trainings. By the end of our first basketball journey together, we had become friends, meeting people we wouldn’t have otherwise and getting the opportunity to represent our school. And when it was all over, it felt strange not to have training every week, games on Friday night, to not have to wait for the basketball draw to be sent out.

Half a year until the season begins again. Half a year until our team gets back together again… plus some friends we’ve made along the way.

We would also like to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped us throughout the season including our coach, Aaron and Ms. Vella.

“At the beginning of the season, I had no experience and simply joined because some of my friends were playing too. Joining was especially easy even though I had missed trials, I decided just to go to the gym one morning and ask to play on my friends’ team. After the season, I ended up enjoying the sport enough to play next year.”

  • Adam

“Having played basketball very casually before this year, joining a team really allowed me to appreciate the sport more, and I look forward to playing again next year, with many of the friends I made on the team.”

  • Rumi

“I enjoyed this season a lot as I have improved on my basketball skills greatly and met some new people that I am sure to stay friends with for a while. I look forward to trying hard to get to the A team next year and to represent the school in basketball. I am also glad that my friends will play basketball as they have been enjoying it as well.”

  • Zack

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