2023 Aurora Otago Science and Technology Fair

The 2023 Aurora Otago Science and Technology Fair took place in August in Term 3.

This event, which was held at the Otago Museum, included avid participants from schools from all over the Otago region and was open to students in years 8, 9 and 10. There were multiple categories dedicated to science and successful entrants could be awarded certificates and prize money.

Students had the opportunity to walk around and see each other’s projects, learn from each other’s scientific knowledge and connect over similar passions. It was interesting to see the contributions of fellow students around Otago and the variety of projects on display.

Two students from Logan Park participated in this event: Bodhi Boroughf (me) and Elaine Li. I presented a project on origami-based engineering and Elaine presented a project on psychology in art. Both of this year’s Logan Park participants were awarded prizes in their respective categories! 

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