Board of Trustees

The following parents/caregivers were elected to the Logan Park High School Board of Trustees on 30 May 2013: Ruth Barnett (Chair), Kerri Cleaver, Andrew Lonie, Caroline Rickerby, Rachel Spronken-Smith and Paul Fielding (staff Representative). Also on the Board Principal Jane Johnson, and Kate Atchison (Co-opted parent Representative) and Grant McNaughton  (2014-15) Student Representative. 

Board Secretary Lorna McMullan

LPHS Board

The next full Board meeting of the LPHS Board of Trustees will be on: Thursday 13 August 2015 at 6.30pm in the LPHS Library Reading Room. 

Download the Confirmed LPHS Curriculum Plan 2013-16
Download the LPHS Charter 2015
Download the LPHS ERO Report 2013.
Download the LPHS Analysis of Variance 2013.
Information on the role of the student trustee here.