Mission Statement:

Logan Park High School ensures our students acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and values expected of a well-educated person; and fosters the highest possible standards of achievement. We provide excellence in secondary coeducation within the unique natural environment and tertiary education resources of Dunedin North.


  • Fostering a strong culture of learning and achieving at Logan Park High School, with all students reaching their potential including gaining their best possible NCEA.
  • Promoting the advantages of coeducation, and achieving a 50/50 gender balance in our roll.
  • Building Logan Park High School as the preferred community choice for secondary education.


  • Excellence, prizing the highest standards in academic, sporting and cultural activities, with both students and teachers consistently demonstrating dedication and enthusiasm.
  • Creativity, supporting enquiring and innovative learners and achievers.
  • Community, celebrating diversity within a framework of principles and values.
  • Heritage, knowing and valuing our own and others’ culture, history and legacy, especially the unique Tikanga and valued position of the Maori culture in our school.
  • Equity, identifying and supporting each individual’s learning needs, including the provision of Te Reo Maori for all students who wish to study it throughout all school levels.
  • Integrity, with all members of the Logan Park community acting ethically and demonstrating respect for one another.
  • Environment, treating the world responsibly and with care.