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Year 10 Camp

Every Year 10 student spends a fun week with their class in the Catlins at Tautuku Lodge. The outdoor activities include exploring the beach walks, tramping the muddy Tram Track, abseiling, kayaking in the Tautuku estuary, leadership activities and navigating the Confidence course. You also spend a night on a camp-out after setting up your tent in groups and cooking your meals on a camp fire. 

Outdoor & leadership opportunities

Tautuku Camp – A Student View

”Camp started at 9 o’clock on a clear Monday morning in March, with two classes of excited students waiting for the bus. We set off for a three hour bus trip down to Tautuku as the fun got underway. Everyone who went had a great time. 

Activities included kayaking on the estuary; abseiling; the awesome confidence course; team-building exercises; the many night walks and a campout – a night of burnt sausages and collapsed tents (some people need a big lesson in pitching tents). 

There were also extra activities for our free time, such as the flying fox and the climbing wall. The mud walk was definitely the highlight of camp for anyone who got in the mud pit – it made the four hour walk worthwhile!  The experience was enhanced by the rain we’d had every day of the week.  

Before it had started, Camp was over and it was everyone’s favorite time – cleaning up. A few hours of pain later we were packed and ready to return to school. Camp was definitely one of the highlights of the year and everyone had heaps of fun.