Our School

Our Mission

Logan Park High School is committed to the highest standards of achievement for all students. We provide excellence in secondary co-education within our unique natural environment, close to the tertiary Education resources of Dunedin North.

Top Ranking 

LPHS national Scholarship tally is one of the top two in Otago and Southland over the last five years, with senior students awarded 93 scholarships across Maths and Sciences, History,  Classical Studies, Media Studies, Languages, Music, Drama and Photography. Scholarship extension classes are part of our Gifted and Talented programme.

Logan Park High School aims to provide the best possible education and pastoral care for its students, offering opportunities for them to develop academic, cultural and sporting strengths.  The school has a friendly and caring atmosphere and a reputation for excellence.  Logan Park is the top academic secondary school in Dunedin with 22 New Zealand NCEA Scholarships awarded to students in 2010 and 19 scholarships in 2009.

Located alongside the Logan Park, Caledonian sporting facilities and Forsyth Barr Stadium and only a five minute walk to the University of Otago, students have access to many of the facilities available in Dunedin, including the oportunity to study tertiary level courses alongside their NCEA courses.  

Our multi-level Group system fosters interaction between junior and senior students, providing leadership opportunities for senior students and support for junior students. 

In Years 9 and 10, students work towards successful completion of their Junior Diploma. Students earn credits towards their Diploma through their participation in music, sporting and cultural activities, school service, attendance and conduct at school as well as academic performance.    The Diploma is awarded at three levels:  Achieved, Merit or Distinction. 

Families are welcome to contact the Enrolment Dean for an appointment to talk about what Logan Park can offer their son or daughter and to have a tour of school.  Enrolment information and forms can be found here.

Enrolment Dean: Kristan Mouat kbm@lphs.school.nz

Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch with parents and care-givers…

  • Junior Weekly Feedback Reports emailed home
  • Student academic Reports posted home
  • Term Calendar on the school website or facebook page 
  • Park Press-on the website
  • School emails, phone calls, texts and letters home
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Report evenings each term 
  • Surveys on-line and at school events 
  • Year 9 Parent welcome - afternoon tea
  • Whanau Hui 
  • House Dean/whanau course selection interviews 
  • Group teacher/whanau contact
  • Drama/Music/Art Folio School events and performances
  • Sports events and Exchanges 
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Association monthly meetings 
  • Board of Trustees Parent Representatives at monthly meetings
  • Role as parent manager for sports teams, fundraising and cultural/social events

Supportive Environment

The Guidance Counsellor(s)

You can make an appointment to see the Guidance Counsellor, or Public Health Nurse to discuss any issue to do with your safety and well-being at school or home.  Sometimes this might be as part of a group. You can also train as a “Peer Mediator” if you want to develop your leadership skills and help other students solve their concerns. All support is given on a confidential basis.

Our school culture focuses daily on keeping you safe and feeling secure in a natural and healthy, co-educational environment.

At Logan Park, we celebrate equality of opportunity, regardless of students’ abilities, gender, sexual orientation and cultural/ethnic identity.

Staff encourage feedback from students in and out of the classroom. Two particularly successful leadership groups developed for this feedback are:
the Maori and Pasifica Student Leadership teams, Tupuranga. Student voice is also heard on campus through Student Council, clubs, assemblies and the elected student representative on the Board of Trustees.