Senior A Girls Volleyball Team

I am thrilled to share the incredible journey of our Senior A Girls Volleyball Team with you all!

Our talented team has been on an exhilarating ride, competing in the Monday Night Volleyball competition, Otago Seeding Tournament, Otago Championships, Mainlands, and SISS Satellites Volleyball tournament. They’ve shown immense dedication and passion for the sport, and their achievements have left us all beaming with pride!

It all started at the Otago Seeding Tournament, where our team secured a fantastic 5th place. This early success motivated them to strive for even greater heights. And they did just that at the Mainlands tournament, where they played their hearts out and secured a remarkable 3rd place. The energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and our girls carried that momentum into the SISS Satellites Volleyball tournament, where they once again claimed 3rd place, showcasing their talent and determination.

What makes our team truly special is not just their skill on the court but also their teamwork and positive attitude. They’ve inspired us all with their hard work and dedication, and they’ve shown that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

A big shoutout to our coaches, supporters, and everyone who has cheered for our Senior A Girls Volleyball Team throughout this journey.

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