Senior A boys Volleyball

In March this year, the Senior A Boys Volleyball Team played in the Otago Champs in Dunedin and in the Satellite Tournament in Christchurch.

During the Otago champs some of our players were away on Year 13 camp which meant that some members of the B team had to step up and fill their positions. They did a fantastic job, and this was a great opportunity for a number of younger players to develop. 

The final game played at Otago Champs was a super exciting game against Trinity College with one of the sets going to 30-28, in a huge comeback, after being down by close to 10 points. The Senior A Boys won this game, 3-1, and ended up finishing 7th place overall, which was an improvement from 2023. 

The Satellite tournament up in Christchurch had a lot of ups and downs with our first game ending in a brutal loss for our team. All the other following games went much better after we had properly woken up and were in the right head space. Although we lost some games early on, we played well, won some sets, had some fantastic rallies, and most sets we only lost by close margins. 

The first game that we won was against Hagley collage with 3 sets to 1 the win. This win was good for our momentum as the next game we played was a 3 to 0 set win. 

The Satellite tournament was the last tournament that our year 13 players Arlo Bickerstaff, Oscar Lambeth, Quinn Byers and Alex Brown could play so taking a couple wins home was really good. We finished 9th overall in Division 1, out of 24 teams across two divisions. This is an improvement from 2023, and we are all excited about moving the years to come with new players coming into the team. 

Thanks to Ed Bickerstaff for coming away as the teams manager in Christchurch and to Nik Martin for being assistant coach throughout the 2024 season.

Christchurch roster:

Arlo bickerstaff, outside hitter yr13

Alex Brown, middle (captain) yr13

Quinn Byers, setter/opposite yr13

Finn Dixon-Stewart, middle (co captain) yr12

Matai Franzbowden, libero yr12

Oscar Lambeth, middle yr13

Will Mead, outside yr12

Otto (Cameron) Morrison, setter/opposite yr10

Leo Nichols, outside/opposite yr12

Alby Kaminszky outside/opposite yr11

Danielle Frost, coach

Ed Bickerstaff, manager

Extra players for Otago champs:

Emerson Davies, middle/opposite yr11

Thom Field, opposite yr12

Adi Khan, opposite/outside yr11

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