SAT Test Centre 92532 Test Administration Notice for Saturday October 1st 2022

Candidates: Please note the following local site information:

  • Location of the Logan Park High School SAT exam is at the juncture of Dundas Street and Butts Road by the school roundabout on the north side of Logan Park. Once you are at the clearly-labelled school sign by the roundabout, look for the Room 9 black direction arrows posted on the school office wall facing the roundabout and follow these directions up the ramp by the back of the staff room until you get to the far double doors of the east corridor of the middle block and walk down to the lunch bay for registration by room 11.
  • Please bring your required IDs ready for the registration/ID presentation process, along with your printed-out or file-saved Admission Ticket.
  • The Logan Park High School middle block will be open from 7am on Saturday. Please arrive no later than 7:30am. Then there will be sufficient time to check your IDs and admission ticket before entering room 9 for your seating allocation, handing in of phones or other electronic devices, except for calculators. Calculators will be checked that they meet SAT requirements.
  • There will be two small breaks between the four subject Tests required. We aim to finish all of the SAT tests and administration by 11:45am.
  • Hence If your parents are picking you up, let them know around midday would be a good time.

Jane Johnson – SAT Coordinator