Media Studies Film Night

We had our Media Film Night in October where students showed off their hard work and got to enjoy watching each others films.

An honored tradition in the Media department is our annual film night. 

Something that Kristan Mouat was extremely proud of and enjoyed immensely was the night where the students finally showcased their films.

Our Year 12 and 13 Media students spend a large portion of their year writing, scripting, then filming and editing their own original films. We then have a fun, pizza filled night where many of them are shown to a nearly full auditorium. 

This year there was a huge range from horror to comedy and all things in between that both entertained and gripped their audiences.

I was really proud of our students this year and I know Kristan would have been too. 

Well done team. 

Check out the gallery for a small selection of film stills from the night.

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