Library News Term 1

It has been a busy term in our library, and I would like to extend thanks to all of those who have contributed to the creation of our library environment here at Logan Park.

In particular, Library Prefects, Quinn Wilson and Neve Curtis; student librarians from year 9 right through to year 13; our year 9 English Class librarians, and our Book Club.

Year 9 students have engaged enthusiastically in weekly Library Lessons. Following orientation activities to enable students to be confident users of their library, lessons focused on the study of fiction and genre in fiction. Emphasis is placed on reading for pleasure and on reading widely.

The library currently has a display of fabulous Year 10 Monoprinting for everyone to check out.

Highlights of our term in the library include the fabulous Book Club Easter Scavenger Hunt, with over 60 entries; fortnightly meetings of Book Club and Debaters; a visit from University of Otago Liaison Officer Sandra Spence, who spoke to a large group of year 13 students.

Many books were issued, new books shelved, puzzles completed and many board games played. 

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