Student Testimonials 

“What makes Logan Park special? The students are welcoming and really friendly. The relationship between students and teachers is lovely. I enjoyed being part of the Logan Park community. Outdoor Education was one of the best things I have ever done. It gives you an idea of the culture and an outdoor experience, where you have so much fun on top of it.”  - Sophie, Germany

 “I enjoyed studying and the different activities, such as school trips, the international concert and food festival. I also had a great time playing in the basketball team. I learned many things, especially about different cultures, through my time at school as well as staying with my host family. After graduation from Logan Park, I decided to go to university in Japan, where I am majoring in International Relations.” - Yuri, Japan

 “I love how inclusive the students are. I was scared of not finding friends but the students came to me, talked to me and made me feel welcome quickly. I made a lot of wonderful new friends.” - Anna, Switzerland

 “Logan Park is THE most welcoming place I’ve ever been. The students, the teachers and the city are amazing. I would recommend Logan Park to everyone and anyone.” - Live, Norway

 “The time I spent in New Zealand was awesome. I got to know a whole new school and I lot of new people I can call friends now. I enjoyed my time here and I am super happy that I was able to be here and specifically at Logan Park for a whole year - it was absolutely worth it. I experienced so many things and I would love to stay a little bit longer.”- Hannah, Germany

 “I have a fabulous homestay. I can always trust them and I know if I have any problems, they’ll help me” - Stefaniya, Russia

 “It’s fantastic how all the music teachers are musicians themselves who perform outside of the school. We can learn a lot from them about composition and performance.” - Akari, Japan

 “The highlight was this Dunedin-thing that is so special and cool but nobody can explain it.” - Lennart, Germany


Student Stories

Pam from Thailand's story on how Logan Park inspired her

English version or Thai version.

Student story Thailand photo  

Email from Maja Behrmann to Miss Beck, Latin Teacher

”Salve Miss Beck,
This is Maja. I was one of your Latin students from Germany last year!
I just wanted to tell you that I got the best grades in Latin this term in Germany which I have ever achieved.  I'm sure that this is because of your excellent teaching and your methods in the lessons.  I really learned to love Latin a wee bit more and so I just wanted to thank you for those great Latin lessons we all were able to spend with you! It was simply amazing and I learned a lot!  I hope you are well and having very nice students.   Also I´m supposed to greet you from my Latin teacher here in Germany, she was really impressed by us doing Vergil in New Zealand!
Lots of warm regards from Germany,  Maja”