Logan Park High School will document and determine that students are accommodated in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International students.   All students are required to stay in school-approved homestay accommodation.  The homestay co-ordinator assesses the suitability of homestay carers and New Zealand Police vetting is carried out for all persons aged 18 or over resident in the household.

Accommodation in Homestays

We select our homestays carefully for their friendliness and caring attitude towards students as well as their good standard of accommodation. As students will be treated like one of the family, they will be expected to conform to family guidelines such as being home by a certain time and helping with light household chores such as washing up.

In a homestay the student will have:

  • a private room and the use of other shared facilities such as bathroom, lounge, television and laundry facilities
  • English language practice outside of school
  • family-type care and guidance both in personal and school life
  • help with new aspects of New Zealand culture and language
  • an introduction to Dunedin including public transport services
  • support to learn and practise good study habits and make new friends
  • three healthy meals a day including a packed lunch for school
  • help to set up a bank account
  • use of bedding and linen
  • a heater in their bedroom if it is required

Internet / telephone

Where a student frequently uses the internet or the telephone, they may be required to pay. If a student uses significantly more internet than the family plan, they may be required to make a contribution.

Policy Regarding the Payment of Homestay Fees for the Months of December and January

The months of December and January cover our summer school holidays. Where a student is remaining in New Zealand over this period and is in a homestay, we will require full homestay fees. A 50% refund of the period the student is away from the homestay will be given to a student only if their trip is authorised by the school and they give the school the exact dates of their trip two (2) weeks before they plan to leave Dunedin.

All trips must be approved in writing by the school. The school may give approval for a trip after they have been given written details about where the student intends to go, how they are travelling, and who they are travelling with. We need to know the dates of when they will be away from their homestay. Written permission must be provided from the student's family agreeing that the school cannot take responsibility for their son or daughter while they are absent from the city. This can be given by e-mail through an agent. Student cannot travel alone. They must be accompanied by an approved adult, their own family, their host family, or be on a "Student Tour for International Students" which adheres to the Code of Practice.

If dates for a trip are not given two (2) weeks before departure, a refund will not be given.

Students are expected to pay full homestay fees throughout the school year.

Please read our information booklet for Homestay providers.