Getting to know you and your whanau

… from day 1 we support you in our House and Group Whanau system to be a positive LPHS citizen.

As a Year 9 student, you have a special Orientation Day getting to know other new students and the layout of the school classrooms and specialist facilities. 

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You are assigned a Group Teacher, who will look after your safety, well-being and academic progress throughout your time at school.  At the beginning of each year we have a House Day to get to know new students. 

Each of the four Houses is made up of six Groups and has a House Dean who takes overall responsibility for you and helps you sort any problems you have at school. Your House Dean and Group teacher will keep in touch with your whanau or caregivers. 

For staff contact details, click the appropriate link for your child's house:

House 1 (Clayton)
House 2 (Omimi)
House 3 (Aoraki)
House 4 (Toroa)