Smokefree Rockquest

Congratulations to all the Logan Park bands who performed in the Rockquest including the regional finals in June.

Posted: Sunday June 16, 2019

Alumni Visit - Chris Tozer

Senior Humanities students enjoyed hearing from ex-student Chris Tozer in May.

Posted: Monday June 3, 2019

International Trip to the Albatross Colony

Everyone living in Otago has heard about Dunedin's beautiful Peninsula at least once before. A little piece of land, connected with the city, but surrounded by the Ocean and the heart of wildlife.

Posted: Friday May 31, 2019

Art Work Presented and Dr Barnett farewelled

In May we held a special morning tea to accept a beautiful art work and thank and farewell a long-serving Board member.

Posted: Thursday May 30, 2019

Otago South Canterbury Speaking Champ

Congratulations to Alice Houston-Page who won the Otago-South Canterbury Rotary speech competition in April.

Posted: Thursday May 30, 2019

The Edge Radio Interns

Congratulations to Piper McKerracher and Zinnia Haworth who were selected as The Edge interns for 2019.

Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2019

Dunedin Experience Asia Day 2019

On the 12th of May, the teachers and students of Asian languages had a day of celebration and appreciation for the Asian Language and culture which was held at Otago Girls High School.

Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2019

Aoraki Mt Cook field trip 2019

On the last three days of term two our Y11 Environmental geographers travelled up the Waitaki valley investigating the sustainability of hydroelectric power.

Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2019

Dunedin Youth Jazz Festival

All of the learning at overseas workshops, in combination with the rehearsals we have been committing to over the past year, as well as our gigs and busking, all came together for us at this Festival in May.

Posted: Tuesday May 28, 2019

The Big Bad Big Band and the Itty Bitty Small Band tour to Australia

After months of planning and fundraising, the two LPHS jazz groups headed off to Melbourne early on the first morning of Term 3.

Posted: Tuesday May 28, 2019

Amnesty International NZ Hui

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to Wellington to attend the annual national Amnesty hui & Skillshare in May.

Posted: Monday May 27, 2019

Board of Trustees Election Results

Thanks to all of our parents who stood for the recent elections and to everyone who voted. Congratulations to the following who were elected.

Posted: Monday May 27, 2019

Library Week May 2019

Library Week was again a real highlight on LPHS's library calendar.

Posted: Monday May 27, 2019

Year 9 Latin Roman Scroll Project

In May students created their own simple texts and translations in Latin and displayed them authentically through our scroll-making activity.

Posted: Monday May 27, 2019

Dunedin Readers and Writers festival

Logan Park students enjoyed events as part of the Dunedin festival. Thanks to Ms Kristel and Ms MacTaggart for their support.

Posted: Thursday May 23, 2019

Year 12 Health

At the end of Term 1, students from the Level 2 Health Education class implemented a variety of Health-enhancing Actions within the Logan Park community.

Posted: Wednesday May 22, 2019

May Action Award and Club Support

The Action Award and Club Support of May was presented in assembly with Laura Graham being the recipient of the Action Award and the Charities Club for Club Support.

Posted: Wednesday May 22, 2019

Biology Field Trip

In May the Year 12 Biology classes went on their annual trip to the beach!

Posted: Wednesday May 22, 2019

New International Students

On Friday 3 May the International Department, students and buddies had a welcome lunch for two new students.

Posted: Tuesday May 21, 2019

Korean tea ceremony

The Korean tea ceremony is a part of traditional Korean culture. It includes dressing up in a hanbok (traditional Korean dress), drinking some green tea and having some small snacks with it. Some other notes are that we must be quiet, as it is for meditation purposes, so dont loudly...

Posted: Tuesday May 21, 2019