Welcoming our new international students

On January 29 2020 we welcomed 10 new international students from Germany, Austria, Japan and Vietnam.

Posted: Wednesday February 19, 2020

Scholarship and Excellence Morning Tea 2020

We held a special morning tea in February to celebrate all of our Excellence Endorsed NCEA students and our Scholarship recipients.

Posted: Monday February 17, 2020

Jazz Legend and Legacy

Logan Park High School, Dunedin and New Zealanders celebrated the life of Calder Prescott, Dunedin's Jazz Maestro at the end of January.

Posted: Thursday February 6, 2020

Striking New Mural

We have a beautiful new artwork adorning the Gymnasium and facing the road for mountain-bikers, visitors and our school community to enjoy.

Posted: Monday February 3, 2020

Welcoming new students and staff

We've enjoyed welcoming all the new students as well as 11 new staff to our school at the beginning of the year.

Posted: Thursday January 30, 2020

Junior Prizegiving 2019

We celebrated Junior Prizegiving in December. Congratulations to all students who graduated with their Junior Diploma.

Posted: Sunday December 22, 2019

Year 13 Farewells

We farewelled our Year 13 students with a brunch in November and a supper after Senior Prizegiving.

Posted: Tuesday December 10, 2019

Year 10 Dessert Assignment

At the start of Term 4 Year 10 Food Technology students were given a Brief to design and make a special dessert for a teenagers formal birthday dinner that was unique and attractively presented.

Posted: Thursday December 5, 2019

Otago Secondary Tertiary College Prizegiving

Every year a number of Logan Park students are able to study part of their course through the Otago Polytechnic.

Posted: Thursday December 5, 2019

Junior Show

We all enjoyed another fabulous Junior Show in December.

Posted: Wednesday December 4, 2019

Helping Hands

Liam Scaife spent time helping out at a Refugee Centre, "Helping Hands," in Cappadocia, Turkey over the October holidays.

Posted: Sunday December 1, 2019

Farewell and Welcome

At the end of this year we will farewell Christine Colbert and in 2020 we welcome Shannon Colbert as a new Drama teacher.

Posted: Wednesday November 27, 2019

Bio Olympiad Bronze Award Winner

Congratulations to Cristina Barriga Year 12 who won a Bronze Award in the New Zealand Bio Olympiad competition in Term 3.

Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2019

Junior Sports Week

Junior Sports Week was held in November.

Posted: Wednesday November 20, 2019

Tertiary Scholarships for 2020

Congratulations to all of the Year 13 students who have been awarded Tertiary Scholarships for 2020.

Posted: Monday November 18, 2019

Term 4 Music Concert

We enjoyed listening to some of the amazing musical talent in our Term 4 Music Concert.

Posted: Monday November 18, 2019

New Student Board of Trustees Rep

Congratulations to Sophie Bradfield, Year 11, who was elected Student Representative on our Board of Trustees for 2019.

Posted: Monday November 18, 2019

Year 8 Orientation Day

We welcomed 160 new Year 8 students to our school in November for an Orientation Day.

Posted: Monday November 18, 2019

Pasifika Awards 2019

Congratulations to Kate Tofia-Will and Ariana Poleo, whose academic successes were recognised at the Otago Polytechnic Pacific Island Recognition Awards.

Posted: Monday November 18, 2019

September Action Award and Club Support

The Action Award and Club Support for September was presented to Abe Ballie and The Charities Club respectively.

Posted: Monday November 18, 2019