Logan Park has six teams competing in the Dunedin Schools Debating after-school competitions this year; three in the Junior round and three in the Senior.

Posted: Thursday March 3, 2022

International shared lunch

Lots of students came to the shared lunch organised by a group of Year 13 students to promote intercultural understanding at Logan Park in February.

Posted: Thursday March 3, 2022

Friday is cake day for French class

Every Friday one of our senior French class brings a cake to school to be shared amongst the students.

Posted: Thursday March 3, 2022

La galette des rois et le babyfoot

It was the time of the year again when we get to find who our queen or king is - at least for one day.

Posted: Thursday March 3, 2022

Learning in the time of Covid: How the pandemic has changed high school pupils world.

Emma Mitchell, Yr 13 has been selected as one of 3 young people in Otago to share her experiences with ODT reporter Daisy Hudson over this year.

Posted: Thursday February 24, 2022

PE - Back Yard Journey

Twenty seven, Year 13 Physical Education students headed off for the annual Back Yard Journey in February. The trip involves a two day trip around Dunedin, using bikes, rafts and their legs!

Posted: Thursday February 17, 2022

NZQA Scholarship Results from 2021 exams

Congratulations to our amazing scholars for their success in the 2021 NZQA Scholarship exams. Paxton Hall won an Outstanding Scholar Award.

Posted: Tuesday February 15, 2022

School Head Prefects 2022

Introducing our school Head Prefects for 2022

Posted: Thursday February 10, 2022

Year 9 Orientation

We welcomed our new Year 9's to their new school at the start of February.

Posted: Wednesday February 2, 2022

2022 Start Up Information

Kia ora, Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022

Posted: Monday January 17, 2022

Junior Prizegiving

We celebrated our junior students' successes on Tuesday 14 December

Posted: Sunday December 19, 2021

Staff News

Thanks to all of our staff for their energy and professionalism during a challenging year.

Posted: Sunday December 12, 2021


We've had a great year in Futsal.

Posted: Sunday December 12, 2021

Junior Show 2021

The Junior Show was a little gorier than usual this year.

Posted: Sunday December 12, 2021

Head Boy Speech

If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be up here giving a speech as a head prefect at prizegiving I would have laughed at you, or swore at you first and then laughed at you.

Posted: Sunday December 12, 2021

Omimi 2021

This year, Omimi House has gotten involved in a wide variety of activities.

Posted: Sunday December 12, 2021

Head Girl Speech

Hi everyone!

Posted: Friday December 10, 2021

Board of Trustees Report

Logan Park High School Board of Trustees 2021: John Bradfield, Mara Wolkenhauer, Ronda Tokona, Richard Mitchell, Sally Spittle, Paul Fielding, Nicolas Alvarez Rey-Virag, Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills.

Posted: Friday December 10, 2021

Toroa 2021

Toroa House had an amazing year of fun, participation and great results!

Posted: Friday December 10, 2021

Clayton 2021

2021 has been a spectacular year for Clayton house. Throughout the year, we claimed multiple victories for the house, showing off our fantastic all-round skill and aptness. However, due to our honourable, sportsmanlike nature, we felt it necessary to concede a select few competitions to the other floundering houses.

Posted: Friday December 10, 2021