Peer Reading Programme

Logan Park High School has run a successful Peer Reading Programme for many years now.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Senior Debating

Glass ceilings of oppression, get-out-of-jail-free cards and lactation. What links these three phrases? One word: Debating.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Head Boy Report

As Head Boy Im not actually sure what Im supposed to be writing here. Its easy enough for captains and leaders of clubs because they have a specific role throughout the year.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Logan Park XV Rugby Team

With 2014 rugby season, came quite considerable expectations for the Logan Park XV.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Logan Park Choir 2014

When Mr. Dude asked me to write an article about the Logan Park Choir 2014, my mind blew up in a whirlwind of memories. How can one describe the hilarious moments we experienced in our Wednesday and Friday gatherings?

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

The Logan Park Philharmonic Orchestra

2014 has been (as ever) an eventful one for Logan Park's resident orchestra!

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Senior Boys Futsal Report

Logan Park had two competitive senior boys teams playing in the futsal competitions this year.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Senior Boys Volleyball

Logan Park's Senior Boys Volleyball team played in Term 1 and 4.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Te Roopu Class

The Te Roopu class has had a lot of changes this year.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Winning Writers

Writing continues to be in good heart at Logan Park. Our annual senior writing competition attracted many talented pieces.

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Staff Farewells

We are sorry to say goodbye to several staff members as the year ends.First of all, Deputy Principal Roger Tobin, who has been at Logan Park for the last 29 years. Roger will be moving on to PPTA as the Otago Division Field officer.

Posted: Thursday December 19, 2013

Junior Prize-Giving 2013

Congratulations to all the junior students, celebrated in this year's junior prizegiving.

Posted: Saturday December 14, 2013

Year 10 Girls Volleyball Tournament

This year, volleyball has been a great experience. We have played some great games, we have learned a lot from each other, but most importantly, we have had such fun.

Posted: Tuesday December 10, 2013

Futsal Term 4 Report

So, after seven weeks of competition the Futsal season for 2013 finally comes to an end. With four teams, two boys and two girls in the competition, it has been great to see the players improve with every game, and they all show great potential for next year and beyond.

Posted: Friday December 6, 2013

Junior Sports tournament

Junior Sports Tournament Week was held in mid November. Logan Park competed in Handball, Cricket and Volleyball with successes in Cricket and Handball.

Posted: Wednesday December 4, 2013

Elwing Discoveries Adventure

Maria Larsen, Year 10, won the "Heads Up for Kids - Elwing Discoveries" competition, winning a trip sailing to Stewart Island.

Posted: Wednesday December 4, 2013

Academic and Cultural High Achievers

Academic and Cultural High Achievers for 2013.

Posted: Tuesday December 3, 2013

Student Successes in Young Historians Awards

Each year the New Zealand History Teachers association and the New Zealand Historical Association jointly hold a nationwide competition to make awards to research undertaken by secondary school students as part of their assessment programme. Schools are encouraged to choose and submit work from one student at each year level...

Posted: Monday December 2, 2013


This year in response to a growing number of new migrant students enrolling at Logan Park High School, a contract was signed to be part of an exciting new online English learning course (ELLINZ).

Posted: Saturday November 30, 2013


Many a Monday evening during Terms 1 and 4 was spent challenging the elements on Otago Harbour. A keen group of sailors honed skills in water safety, racing, capsizing and water fighting.

Posted: Friday November 29, 2013