Showquest 2021

Congratulations to the awesome team behind Showquest 2021.

Posted: Sunday May 30, 2021

Senior Prefects 2021

Our school prefects were announced in assembly in March.

Posted: Wednesday March 10, 2021

National recognition in writing

Darcy Monteath Year 11 continues to impress nationally in writing.

Posted: Thursday October 29, 2020

Class Acts

Congratulations to Cathy Zeng and Sophie Sun who are our 2020 Class Act recipients.

Posted: Wednesday September 9, 2020

Chamber Music NZ competition 2020 (Otago regionals)

Congratulations to our chamber music groups who impressed in the Otago regional competition.

Posted: Wednesday August 19, 2020

Otago-Southland Champion Chess Team

Congratulations to our chess 'A' team who won the Otago-Southland secondary school chess team tournament in August.

Posted: Monday August 10, 2020

Karaoke Week

We enjoyed some awesome entertainment in the last week of Term 2 with Karaoke Week.

Posted: Wednesday July 1, 2020

Virtual Exchange - Bringing the fascinating world of Korea into the classroom.

On Tuesday 30th of June, our Korean class had an exchange with Wimi Junior Highschool.

Posted: Wednesday July 1, 2020

Year 13 Leadership Camp

Nearly 40 Year 13 students attended Leadership Camp in March.

Posted: Wednesday April 1, 2020

Helping Hands

Liam Scaife spent time helping out at a Refugee Centre, "Helping Hands," in Cappadocia, Turkey over the October holidays.

Posted: Sunday December 1, 2019

Blues Assembly

Our whole school Blues and Honours Assembly was held in September.

Posted: Wednesday September 18, 2019

Class Act Awards

Congratulations to Alice Houston-Page and Cameron Monteath who are our 2019 Class Act recipients. Both students and their parents enjoyed meeting with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in September where they were presented with their awards.

Posted: Sunday September 8, 2019

Dunedin Experience Asia Day 2019

On the 12th of May, the teachers and students of Asian languages had a day of celebration and appreciation for the Asian Language and culture which was held at Otago Girls High School.

Posted: Wednesday May 29, 2019

Amnesty International NZ Hui

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to Wellington to attend the annual national Amnesty hui & Skillshare in May.

Posted: Monday May 27, 2019

Year 9 Latin Roman Scroll Project

In May students created their own simple texts and translations in Latin and displayed them authentically through our scroll-making activity.

Posted: Monday May 27, 2019

May Action Award and Club Support

The Action Award and Club Support of May was presented in assembly with Laura Graham being the recipient of the Action Award and the Charities Club for Club Support.

Posted: Wednesday May 22, 2019

Korean tea ceremony

The Korean tea ceremony is a part of traditional Korean culture. It includes dressing up in a hanbok (traditional Korean dress), drinking some green tea and having some small snacks with it. Some other notes are that we must be quiet, as it is for meditation purposes, so dont loudly...

Posted: Tuesday May 21, 2019

April Action Award and Club Support

The Action Award and Club Support for April was presented to Maggie Gorman and the Robotics Club respectively.

Posted: Monday April 8, 2019

March Action Award and Club Support

The first Action Award and Club Support of this year was presented in March with Zach Wyvill being the recipient of the Action Award and Chess Club for Club Support.

Posted: Friday April 5, 2019

Support for Muslim whanau

Our school community wanted to show their support for our Muslim community after the tragic events in Christchurch.

Posted: Monday March 25, 2019