Junior and Senior O’MAthalon

The Senior O’MAthalon Competition was recently held in our school Library with 30 teams from 11 local secondary school competing. 

Posted: Tuesday August 22, 2017

Year 9 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our Year 9 Scholarship recipients. 

Posted: Sunday August 20, 2017

Extra! and other Writing Winners

Extra! is a newspaper magazine published by the Otago Daily Times and gives students the opportunity to submit their writing in an annual short story and poetry writing competition. 

Posted: Wednesday August 16, 2017

Scholarship and Excellence NCEA Morning Tea

We hosted a special morning tea in February to celebrate outstanding success in NZQA exams.

Posted: Sunday February 19, 2017

Junior Prizegiving 2016

Posted: Friday December 9, 2016

Senior Prizegiving 2016

Our Senior Prizegiving was held on Friday 4 November at the College of Education Auditorium. 

Posted: Monday November 7, 2016

Tertiary Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Year 13 students who have been awarded prestigious financial Tertiary Scholarships recognising outstanding Academic, Cultural, Sporting and Leadership achievements.

Posted: Sunday November 6, 2016

Regional stars in Food Technology

Congratulations to Emily Wu (Yr 12) and Annie Kennedy-Atchison (Yr 10) who won the Royal Society Crest Silver Challenge in Food Technology in September.

Posted: Thursday September 22, 2016

Class Act

Congratulations to our Class Act recipients, Grant McNaughton and Katharine Woolrych.

Posted: Wednesday September 21, 2016

National Robotics Award

Congratulations to Henry Eden-Mann and his team who won First Place in the Senior Theatre section of the National Robotics competition in Auckland in September.

Posted: Saturday September 17, 2016

Blues Awards 2016

Outstanding sporting, cultural, community service and academic performances were celebrated at our Blues Assembly in September.

Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2016

Peer Reading 

Peer Reading finished with a celebration and party in the new library on Friday April 8. A total of 51 students from Yrs 9 -13 took part in the programme. 

Posted: Sunday April 10, 2016

Science Department News

Renovations, room changes, competitions and field trips featured in Term 1.

Posted: Sunday April 10, 2016

International Science Forum

Grant McNaughton was selected to attend an International Science Forum in the United Kingdom at the end of July.

Posted: Sunday March 6, 2016

Prefects 2016

Our Head Prefects will be supported by a capable team of House and School Prefects representing the diverse interests of the school community.   

Posted: Sunday March 6, 2016

Scholarship/Excellence Morning Tea

We celebrated our impressive NZQA Scholarship winners along with NCEA Excellence endorsed students on Friday 19 February in our new Library.

Posted: Sunday February 21, 2016

Junior Prizegiving 2015

We ended 2015 with a wonderful celebration of our junior students and their achievements. Students were recognised for their academic, sporting and cultural successes and we were all impressed with the musical items and entertaining speeches during the Prizegiving ceremony. Below is the list of the 2015 Junior Prizewinners:

Posted: Monday December 21, 2015

Otago University and other Tertiary Scholarships

A number of our students have been recognised and awarded top Otago University Scholarships or Otago Polytechnic Scholarships and Tuchin Baucus has been offered several university scholarships for top American universities.

Posted: Thursday November 12, 2015

More Science Success for Ahi 

Ahi Kaitai Mullane (Yr 11) has not only won a place on "Rangatahi O Te Moana", a venture run by the Uni of Otago and NZ Marine Studies Centre, but has also won 2 scholarships for 'Hands on Science".

Posted: Monday November 9, 2015

ODT Class Acts

Congratulations to Meran Campbell-Hood and Jacobi Kohu-Morris who were Logan Park's Class Act recipients for 2015. 

Posted: Sunday September 20, 2015