LPHS Magazine 2014

We hope you enjoy the photos and articles recording all the successes, events, and adventures of our year.

Posted: Thursday December 4, 2014

Park Press Nov 2014

Posted: Thursday November 20, 2014

Park Press October 2014

Denise Walsh, Naming Ceremony of the LPHS Auditorium. Monday 20 October at 6pm. All welcome.

Posted: Thursday October 30, 2014

Park Press August 2014

Thanks to GardensNew World one of our North-end community business sponsors for Open Day, providing an indoor venue for our banner inside the Gardens New World.

Posted: Wednesday September 17, 2014

Park Press July 2014

Posted: Thursday July 31, 2014

Park Press May 2014

Posted: Saturday May 31, 2014

Park Press April 2014

Posted: Wednesday April 30, 2014

Park Press February 2014

Posted: Friday February 28, 2014

Magazine 2013

Welcome to our first online magazine. It is packed full of all the adventures and activities that Logan Park students have enjoyed during 2013, as well as their achievements in the classroom, playing sport and all the hundreds of musical and cultural events and other great stuff that make up...

Posted: Monday November 25, 2013