Staff notes

By Supplied | Posted: Sunday December 13, 2020

We welcomed 11 new staff at the start of 2020 and have appreciated their efforts and contribution to our school.

Farewells: Helen Reid, Food Technology/Hospitality teacher who has been with us for 4 years is moving to Central Otago with her husband to run a cafe, Stationside Cafe in Lauder on the Rail Trail. They are looking forward to new adventures amidst a beautiful environment. 

Jac Dwyer, Art/Painting teacher who has been with us for a year is moving to Christchurch to be with family.   

Alison McAuslan our In-Class Support teacher is moving to Alexandra, Kate Denys our assistant sports co-ordinator, Robbie Watson and Brenda Agnew our Learning Support Teacher Aides are all moving on to further study or other employment.