Get 2 Go - Tackling adventures with smiles, laughter

By John Lewis (ODT) | Posted: Thursday November 5, 2020

Our Get2Go team are training hard for the nationals in December. Sir Edmund Hillary found that when he was in a difficult or dangerous situation, someone who could make everyone laugh would ease the tension.

It is something Logan Park High School’s junior adventure race team are keeping in the backs of their minds as they prepare to represent Otago and Southland at the Junior Get2Go national final on Great Barrier Island next month.

Years 9 and 10 pupils Zoe Barton, Kieran Black, Cora Chapman, Flynn Hayward, Ethan Lambeth, Oscar Lambeth, Tsugumi Parks Watanabe and Eva Woodhouse are excited about making the final, and are spending long hours running, biking and kayaking but always with a smile on their faces.

"You have to have a laugh," Ethan said.

"I would have to say that’s one of the best forms of motivation that you can get.

"If you and your team are happy and enjoying themselves, then you’re going to push each other forward as you go."

The team won the Otago regional competition at the end of September, and now they will compete against teams from around the country in an intense week of problem solving and team challenge activities, and a two-day land and sea expedition adventure race.

To maximise their scores in each challenge, teams are required to work together, using important team skills such as communication, problem solving, planning and decision making.

The event is organised by Hillary Outdoors, and is designed to encourage a wider participation in outdoor pursuit activities.

The photo features Junior Adventure Race Team members: Kieran Black, Flynn Hayward, Oscar Lambeth, Eva Woodhouse, Cora Chapman, Zoe Barton, Tsugumi Parks Watanabe and Ethan Lambeth practising their raft-building skills for the national final.