Alliance Francaise Speech Competition

By Heike Cebulla-Elder | Posted: Tuesday September 22, 2020

On Saturday, 5 September three Logan Park students took part in the annual French speech competition organised by the local Alliance Francaise and held at Columba College.

Our students prepared speeches in French to present to the judges. Hannah Hogan in Year 9 delivered a presentation about herself and received an excellence certificate, getting 16.5 marks out of 20. Bram Casey in Year 10 presented a speech on his passion for Hip Hop and received an excellence certificate, getting 16 marks out of 20. Finally, Hannah Earl delivered an impressive plea for the protection of whales (in French of course) and got second in the Year 11 competition with 19.5 marks out of 20.

Bravo to Hannah, Bram and Hannah for taking part and challenging yourselves! A grand merci to Mademoiselle Aurore Charlot who has supported the students in preparing for the speeches and has assisted in our French classes over the previous two months. Aurore will return to France soon and has really enjoyed her time at Logan Park High School. We thank her very much for her immense support.

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