Taking action!!

By Heike Cebulla-Elder | Posted: Saturday August 15, 2020

In our 9X Social Studies class, we got to work on Action Research projects.

Students chose a variety of projects and devised actions that could make a difference to our local community. 

 The projects range from fundraising for local food banks, making scrunchies and selling them to raise funds for the Child Cancer Foundation, to cleaning up an area of Logan Park High School. Another group investigated the amount of single use wrappers that our Year 9 class had in its lunch boxes and compared this data with a class at George Street Normal School.

You might have seen the bake sale, which was organised by one of our groups – these students were keen to support St. Vincent de Paul foodbank and managed to fundraise over $150 through selling their baking! “We really enjoyed making the food and being able to help a smaller food bank” – Lorelei, Harriet, Ava and Dharcy.

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