Year 13 X-Country Ski and Snow Cave Experience

By Warwick Kain | Posted: Saturday August 15, 2020

In August, the Year 13 x-country ski and snow cave experience took place at the Waiorau Nordic Ski Area ('the place of over one hundred waters'), also known as the Snow Farm.

The philosophy of the trip is to take students away from their daily structure and routines, and combine this with a challenging physical, social and emotional environment. 

Students stay at an altitude of about 1600m for two nights and two days. Based in a backcountry hut, they cook, ski, walk and build a sleeping shelter/snow cave to sleep in while there. 

The purpose is for students to continue their development of positive values around what it is to be a responsible citizen who cares and is connected to their place through physically interacting with it. 

Prior to the trip students assess the risks involved and discuss safety action plans. Now they will analyse issues regarding safety management in this type of environment in relation to the rewards gained through the experience. The conditions were warm meaning very wet snow.  

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