La troisieme (Year 10 French)

By Heike Cebulla-Elder | Posted: Wednesday June 24, 2020

On adore les crepes!

Finally, it was time to prepare some French food for la troisieme (10 French)! We have been talking about food, researched French recipes and found out that some of our students had not even eaten crepes before – one of the staples of French cuisine - high time to go and cook some!

On Friday 19 June we went to our cooking room and prepared crepes – each group had its own recipe and brought their own ingredients, not only the batter was prepared but also chocolate sauce, whipped cream (shaking the cream in a glass is the best!) and other delicious toppings. 

All crepes looked and tasted magnifique and we learnt for next time that a runnier batter is better as you can bake the crepes very thinly and crunchy.

Bon appetit!

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