Library in Lockdown and Beyond

By Michelle Summerfield | Posted: Wednesday June 24, 2020

We've been busy in the library since lockdown.

Book Bags

With reading being so important to students here at LPHS the library offered a book ordering service over April and May. Students could fill in a wish list and have bags prepared for them to pick up. This proved to be very popular.

Pride Month

Our library prefects and others have put up a colourful display for Pride Month. This showcases the many books in our collection which have lgbtq+ characters and support our students here at LPHS.

Book Club

Whilst we enjoyed our online meetings we are also very happy to be meeting again, in person, in the library. We read a short story together and shared poetry via our screens! This term we have been updating our displays and reading our favourite childrens' picture books together. We look forward to planning library week scheduled for week 4 of term 3.

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