By Nina Carstens | Posted: Tuesday June 30, 2020

Welcome to (in my opinion) the best language, Korean. It has only been half a year (when this was written) and we have already learnt so much about South Koreas culture, language and history. So why dont I explain what Korean has to offer.

This year we have learnt all about their amazing language and how to actually write in Hangul. It may seem very hard when you see it at first sight, but once our amazing teacher, Miss Kim explains it makes so much more sense! Korean is a growing language so it becoming more and more popular as the days go by.

The culture in Korea is extraordinary! Every week in Korean class we get to try something new. For a few weeks, we have been working on these kites in the picture. We also have made traditional Korean masks, fans, koi fish kites, and using foxtail brushes to write hangul. It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Later in the year we even get to wear the traditional clothing of Korea (hangbok).

I can’t forget the awesome exchanges we have. Last week we got to have an exchange with the Year 9 French class where we taught them Korean and they taught us french. Next week we will be doing a zoom call with kids from a South Korean school. Isn’t that cool? Our class also has kids from all over New Zealand where we do an online class. There is also a South Korea trip that happens every few years and I hope to go on it one day.

Anyway I hope that I have introduced well enough and that you may even join. We would so love to have you and since our classes are quite small we could always do with some more people.감사합니다.

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