Karaoke Week

By Amasio Jutel | Posted: Wednesday July 1, 2020

We enjoyed some awesome entertainment in the last week of Term 2 with Karaoke Week.

Heats across the week featured students singing it out to compete in the hotly contested finals for the 2020 title of Karaoke Winner. 

In an electrifying week of singing and dancing, Logan Park students enjoyed watching their teachers make a fool of themselves on stage. Performances spanned from the old relics of ABBA (our inspiring PE department) to a younger, funkier generation of students, featuring some “hip” groups, such as The Saxamaphones and The Spice Girls. A lot of courageous younger students made their mark on the school, rocking students and staff alike with their singing, dancing, and overall performance talent. Some excellent costuming and choreography work from so many groups and individuals wowed the crowd on many occasions.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated, including our wonderful judges and lovely emcee’s. I think a special shoutout is necessary to none other than Jaden Cooper, for his excellent performance walking, let alone dancing, in his horrifically oversized heels and leather pants. Once again, karaoke week would’ve been nothing without the help of Tip.

Top 3 Overall Winners

1st - April

2nd - The Cheerios

3rd - The Saxamaphones

Best Vocals

1st - April

2nd - Luke

3rd - Tip

Best Choreography

1st - Indi, Ella, and Harlan

2nd - The Spice Girls

3rd - The Cheerios

Best Costuming

1st - The Spice Girls

2nd - The Saxamophones

3rd - ABBA

Best Overall Appeal

1st - The Saxamaphones

2nd - The Spice Girls

3rd - April

Favourite Song Selection

1st - Luke and Robyn (Master of the House)

2nd - April (Funny Honey)

3rd - The Saxamaphones (Summer Nights)

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