Term Holidays

By Kristan Mouat | Posted: Wednesday March 18, 2020

School holidays run from Monday March 30 until Tuesday 14 April (after Easter).

Because of the unexpected end to the term, some students may need to finish off work that was due.  For everyone else we encourage you to have a nice holiday break and we'll resume after the break. 

Bubble update:  Thursday 26th March 

Day one in our homes. Thanks everyone for your support over the past weeks.

Contact and communication

This week we have been contacting all of our students and whanau. It is important that students can communicate with their teachers by email. Email addresses for all staff are here

Thanks to everyone who filled in our online survey on internet capability yesterday- (the results were encouraging for online learning - 97% replied). This information allows us to try to cater to each student’s needs depending on connectivity and also adapt if families don’t have access.


Holidays have been brought forward and run from Monday March 30 until Tuesday 14 April - after Easter. We encourage ALL of our students AND teachers to take their 2 week holiday so we can resume learning after a break - refreshed and calm. 

Learning programmes will recommence on Wednesday 15 April. This holiday time allows teachers to adapt their programmes and resources to cater to the different learning landscape. Many of our teachers have up to 150 students (5-6 classes of 28 students) so you’ll appreciate the challenges with so much individualised contact.

Catering for diverse ways of learning

We recognise that you know your child best. If your child is anxious or stressed - manage and reduce their school screen time and even their responses to emails. Their happiness and wellbeing are most important and this has been a stressful experience. Please communicate with their teachers so we can adapt and reduce workload or clarify expectations. (In a classroom we can more easily recognise anxiety, stress or confusion and quickly clarify and reassure students that things are OK). We also know a number of our families prefer paper based learning - we want to work with you. Contact your child’s teachers and we’ll work through options.

Finally thanks to all of you who came to collect workbooks and resources yesterday. We understand that this is a period of significant change - and all of us need to learn new things.

There will also be positives and opportunities in this new experience.

A reminder that communication will mostly happen electronically via email.

Kind regards

Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills. 

Tuesday update:  

There is a lot of important information below regarding preparing for our altered learning environment.

Students or parents can come in to collect necessary work on Wednesday as requested by teachers.

Students on the SDHB Health list required to self-isolate CANNOT come in - but they can send someone to collect things for them. Students with immune compromised conditions shouldn’t come in. We will observe health advice about distancing etc.

Parents and students have been emailed regarding collecting things. 

School holidays have been brought forward and begin on Monday 30 March for 2 weeks including Easter until Tuesday 14 April.

We will spend the rest of this week continuing to plan our teaching programmes and making sure we are in contact with all of our students.

Use school email addresses

You can help by making sure your children contact their teachers using their SCHOOL EMAIL address. Every LPHS student has a school email address. As teachers create online communications they will use students’ school email addresses.

A survey on home readiness for online learning has also been emailed out today. Please complete this as soon as possible.

Instructions for LPHS Students: Going Remote.

General Expectations: We will do all we can to ensure for teachers and students that learning continues

  1. Put your health and your family first.

  2. You will be emailed instructions via school email addresses.

  3. You should check your school email at least once a day (during school days). Reply to any requests as necessary.

  4. We will use one consistent platform for video sharing - Google Hangouts / Google Meet

  5. Each subject will share content - many will use Google Classrooms, some will use G-Sites, G-Docs, Doctopus etc. Some will use books and paper.

  6. Remember teachers will be with their families as well, so know they will respond to your emails and give feedback as they can.

  7. Seniors: Continue with your assessment work as much as possible. Please don’t stress about NCEA - we will be responsive to your needs as a learner. Your teachers may simplify your course and while deadlines will be flexible, try to keep up with your coursework.

  8. We will be liaising with your parents / family / whanau

  9. Library and Research: please do use the library OPAC which has been updated to provide for student queries and research needs. It can be found under the 'Useful Links' section of the LPHS Website or directly here: Some databases require a login: Username = loganpark Password = logan5

Students are very welcome to email the librarian anytime for research assistance:

All Classes:

  • Teachers will upload tasks/lessons regularly

  • Teachers will be providing good learning opportunities, engaging activities and work of value, so please try and complete all learning activities provided.

  • Your teachers will nominate a time when they will be online and available to answer emails, questions etc.

  • Whole class video sessions (where offered) will generally be held during one of the LPHS timetabled subject times

Senior Students:

  • There may be scheduled “meetups”. Your teacher will offer a time and invite you to connect via Google Meet to “gather” as a class to discuss progress and issues.

  • You will continue to work on tasks and assessment – including, where feasible, internal assessments for NCEA - remotely.

Additional Support

During this time, young people may experience challenges with separation from their friends, and extended family and a change in their routine and social supports. If you are concerned about your child or would like to access counselling during this time you can contact Youthline by phone at 03 477 2461 or email

Or checkout their home page for live chats.

If you would like to access our school counsellor please contact Judy Buckingham

Judy will be checking her emails daily and can arrange counselling appointments by telephone or online.

Contact Information

All teaching staff email addresses can be found here

  • First point of call for general concerns → contact your Group Teacher via email.

  • Concerns with a particular subject → contact your subject teacher via email.

  • Concerned about your wellbeing → Contact the School Counsellor, your Group Teacher or your House Dean.

  • Information about https://covid19.govt.nz/

  • Concerns about your Health contact Healthline: 0800 611 116

  • Coronavirus related 0800 358 5453


Our preferred forms of communication are by email and updates on our website.


Thanks to everyone in our school community for their care, concern and support for everyone over this challenging time. We are looking forward to staying in touch over the next month and hope we can all find time for life’s simple pleasures: family, friendships, food, pets, nature and hobbies.

Stay well and healthy.


Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills


Tuesday morning update: 

As you may be aware, New Zealand is now at COVID-19 Alert Level 3 immediately, with a move to Level 4 in 48 hours ie midnight Wednesday.

Logan Park High School and all NZ schools are closed for four weeks from Tuesday 24 March for all students, apart from students whose parents are designated essential workers.

Logan Park will only open Tuesday and Wednesday for supervision of students whose parents are employed in recognised essential services.

For all other students we are closed for face-to-face instruction.

All camps due to take place in the next month have been postponed or cancelled - there will be more information later.

As of midnight Wednesday 25 March, New Zealand moves to a Level 4 Covid-19 Alert. Essential services remain open, including access to supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies, service stations and essential banking services.

In terms of schooling and learning, instead of face to face delivery, we will be delivering learning online as best we can, as well as by other means.

Students will be contacted by their teachers by email in the coming days regarding what our programmes will look like for your child.

We will be contacting families to understand their capability to participate in internet based learning. We will contact families without email/internet to support their children as well.

Students may be able to come in at designated times on Wednesday to collect their ongoing projects or textbooks.  We will confirm this on Tuesday afternoon after seeking Ministry of Education advice. 

We have been preparing for online and remote teaching and are confident we can continue to support all our learners.

Our students and staff are resilient and resourceful and with our strong whanau support we will all get through this. 

Sunday 22 March

On 21 March, the government set a Covid -19 alert at Level 2. The alert levels specify the public health and social measures to be taken. More information on these alert levels can be found here.

Logan Park High School will be open on Tuesday.

Please note that under a Level 2 alert students (and staff) with a compromised immune system are requested not to attend school as of Tuesday 24 March until further notice.

Caregivers and students can email through absences by emailing office@lphs.school.nz

Full information on Covid-19 can be found here

Remember to take some time to disengage from all the coverage of COVID-19.

Take time to focus on some of the positive people, relationships, experiences we have to be grateful for.

FRIDAY update

Update and ongoing education

It was reassuring to find out on Thursday that everyone who was tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday AT THE STADIUM returned a negative result.

These students will remain in self-isolation for 14 days before returning to school.

Director General of Health, Ashley Boomfield said, "This is reassuring for the local community and for our broader public health response."

Dr Bloomfield said this indicated the Dunedin cases were linked to overseas travel rather than a possible community link.

We will contact our students in self-isolation on Tuesday 24 March to share the processes around school work and learning over the period while they are in self-isolation.

Logan Park will reopen on Tuesday 24 March for everyone else.

A reminder that no students will be disadvantaged in terms of NCEA assessments etc as a result of this event.

It is important for all of us to remember self-isolation is not social isolation and to keep our bonds of kindness, compassion and care strong.

See our earlier updates below about self-isolation.

A reminder that the Ministry of Health advise ONLY the student tested needs to self-isolate and the rest of the family can continue their daily lives.

The Ministry of Health website provides factual information on COVID-19 here 

Thursday update.  

Good news! ALL Logan Park people tested yesterday are negative.

We have just heard this afternoon that everyone tested yesterday is negative. 

Everyone tested will still be required to stay in self-isolation as a precaution.

We have emailed everyone concerned but apologise we haven't been able to make personal contact before the media releases.  This has been out of  our control.  

Earlier Thursday update: 

Our preferred method of communication is: – daily email updates and daily website updates here. 

Apologies that we are not able to respond to phone and voicemails as school is closed and our Office staff are not here.

We will respond to all emails to office@lphs.school.nz

Our teachers will be in touch with all those students in self-isolation, via email, from Tuesday to continue learning programmes. Many students have already been in touch with their teachers and can continue to communicate directly with teachers.

We will deal flexibly and fairly with students doing NCEA assessments so be assured that students required to be in self-isolation will not be disadvantaged.

We will prepare paper copies of work for the several families who do not have internet or email connections. We are phoning them.

Southern District Health have organised a ZOOM webinar at 7pm this evening. 

This is the text from the letter from Dr Susan Jack: 

"COVID-19 information session for the Logan Park High School community

An online COVID-19 information session will be held at 7.00pm tonight, Thursday 19th March for Logan Park High School staff, students and parents. The webinar has a capacity for 1,000 people to call in. The session will run for approximately 30 minutes.

Please go to this link to watch: https://zoom.us/j/546141533

You can watch the information session from any smartphone or tablet or computer with internet connection. If you don’t have any of these devices available, you could listen to the information session on any phone by ringing 09 884 6780 or 04 886 0026. After you call one of these numbers you will be asked to enter the webinar ID number: 546 141 533

If you do not already have Zoom downloaded on your device, please click on the above link about 5 minutes before the webinar. Zoom will automatically download. You will then be able to join the webinar once the host has called in.

This is not a two-way interactive session, so if you have any specific questions you would like me to answer, please email them in advance.The address for emailing questions to: pauline.chin@southerndhb.govt.nz (questions need to be emailed by 6.00pm)

Public Health South operated a testing clinic for Logan Park students yesterday, to test all close contacts of the COVID-19 case that was confirmed on Tuesday. All close contacts were sent a letter and were contacted by phone, and we had 100% coverage at the testing clinic. Thank you to all these students and whanau for their support of this process.

The testing clinic was established under a directive from the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, the Chief Science Advisor, Juliet Gerrard and the Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield. The Ministry of Health made this request to determine whether community spread of coronavirus is occurring, or if the virus is only being imported from other countries around the world." 

Wednesday 18 March Update below: 

Thank you all for your patience as we work with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

All students and staff who were identified as having been in close contact with the student who has COVID-19 have now been notified and tested.

Their test results should be released to them by their GPs Thursday or Friday.

This level of testing is precautionary as usually only people exhibiting symptoms are tested. However, if any student did test positive, Public Health staff would immediately call the student and family to inform them.

We are reassured and appreciate that everyone potentially at risk has been tested so their minds can be eased.

The testing process yesterday was professional, calm and reassuring for everyone. We valued the level of care demonstrated.

According to the Medical Officer of Health, everyone tested (students or staff) MUST be in self-isolation for the full 14 days and to continue self-monitoring. The Public Health team will be contacting each student and will continue to contact them daily thereafter. Any health concerns can then be raised during that daily communication.

Only the tested student (close contact of the student case) needs to be self-isolating. Parents and siblings can continue to go about their daily lives taking normal precautions.

The students are in self-isolation as a precautionary measure.

If you have NOT received a phone call, email or text message from the school OR from the Southern District Health Board, you are NOT in the contact group.

At this stage no one else needs to self-isolate. That means if you were NOT tested, you can go about your normal daily lives. If you have health concerns you can contact the dedicated COVID-19 Healthline on 0800 358 5453

We are closed for school on Friday and Monday is a public holiday.

We appreciate there is heightened anxiety and will communicate and update you regularly.

A webcast will be held on Thursday evening at 7pm (which has a capacity for up to 1000 people) where the Medical Officer of Health, Dr Susan Jack will be able to answer questions.

We will send all of our school community information about how to access this webcast later today (Thursday)

Please see the Ministry of Health website for accurate advice and information on self-isolation and COVID-19 here: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-novel-coronavirus-health-advice-general-public

We will be in touch again regarding how learning will continue for those in self-isolation.