Digital Technology Semester 1 Year 9 Class Skype Session with America

By Sandra Whipp | Posted: Saturday June 28, 2014

Year 9 Digital Technology students recently participated in a video Skype chat with Southside High School students from North Carolina in America.

Students shared information about their schools, sports they played, music they enjoyed and what they did in their spare time.

A chance encounter between DGT teacher Mrs Whipp and Southside’s Mr Lake while holidaying in America in 2011, has led to keeping in touch and has provided an excellent opportunity for students on both sides of the world to enjoy a global education experience and share projects.

At the time of the Skype chat there was a three way link, with Mr Lake in Colorado (who was on leave but didn’t want to miss the opportunity), Ms Clark in North Carolina with their students and our students in Dunedin.

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