Year 10 Girls Volleyball

By Danielle Calnan | Posted: Thursday November 14, 2013

Since Year 9 this team has been showing a lot of promise. With a few new additions to the team this year, the girls have developed a strong base of knowledge and skills.

A successful Term 1 has sparked the girls' motivation to continue to excel. They have now moved up into the Junior A grade, and have stepped up to the challenge with a large number of wins, and one close loss. Even with pressure the team pull together and bring out some amazing team performances. This tight knit unit now have their sights set on Senior Nationals in 2015, with some steps to climb before reaching this long term goal. They are attending the Junior South Island Secondary Schools competition (S.I.S.S) in Christchurch this November to play against other top South Island Secondary Schools. With motivation, hard work, and passion they have fundraised a majority of the trip's costs. In preparation for this they are attending two local tournaments.
The team includes Ella Bendall, Kate Denys, Beka Dobson, Tanya Findlater, Jesye-Lea Hunt, Maria Larsen, Lydie Leurquin, Matilda Macandrew, Aina Pardas, Erica Stedman, Ola Szukiel-Deans and Katharine Woolrych. Coached by Mr Heptonstall and Miss Calnan