Otago-South Canterbury Lions Public Speaking Champion

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Monday June 29, 2015

Jacobi Kohu-Morris has won another speech title. He competed in the Lions Speech competition in early June in Oamaru.

Jake was sponsored by the Port Chalmers Lions Club and presented a prepared 6 minute speech as well as a 2 minute impromptu speech. He will travel to Tauranga in August to compete in the national finals where the prize is an all-expenses paid 6-week trip to America and Canada. 

Jake's prepared speech focused on the legacy of New Zealand soldiers in Gallipoli and the impromptu topic was: "What I like about life." Jake spoke about appreciating New Zealand after seeing the contrasts in Australia, Malaysia, Dubai and Turkey during his trip to Gallipoli after winning the Otago RSA speech competition earlier this year. Jake also spoke about valuing the equality of opportunity and quality educational opportunities for all. He said we shouldn't take these things for granted and need to fight to retain equal opportunities for everyone in New Zealand society.