Youth Council Initiative

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Sunday August 23, 2015

Our previous Board of Trustees, Student Representative, Grant McNaughton has been chosen for the Dunedin City Council's new Youth Council initiative.

He is one of fifteen young people selected for the Youth Council. According to Grant, "A lot of young people see politics as something that doesn't matter to them. That means there's this huge voice that's just silent in government - the youth voice."

City Councillor Aaron Hawkins says this is the first group that the DCC has formed to specifically represent high school-aged students. The Youth Council was formed after the DCC received a $51,500 Ministry of Youth Development grant in June and they will meet for the first time in September. 

Grant will be involved in establishing the format and systems for the Youth Council and designing a programme that is relevant and engaging. The Youth Council will also be giving feedback on council plans and policies, as well as bringing new ideas forward for the DCC to consider.