International Food Festival

By Viet Anh Tran (Vietnam) | Posted: Tuesday November 12, 2013

During my last year at Logan Park High School, I have participated in lots of activities. All of them were so fun but the best one was the international food festival. As an international prefect, I organised it with the help of the International Office. It was such an awesome experience.

All the international students had to cook something from their country. I am from Vietnam so I had a group of 4 boys cooking ‘deep fried bananas’. For boys like us, who don’t know how to cook at all apart from noodles and sandwiches, it was really hard because we have never done it before. Despite all the difficulties, we still made it and the deep fried bananas were still eatable. In fact, they tasted really good to me. We made about 200 small pieces and they were all gone after the festival.
The food, made by the other international students was stunning. Everyone was full after it and they enjoyed it. What a cool experience!

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