By Francine Vella | Posted: Thursday November 14, 2013

Volleyball had a great season.

The Volleyball season runs over two terms. In the first term we had a senior girls team, a combined senior and junior boys team and two junior girls teams. Term 4 we focused on Junior Volleyball. The highlight for the boys was the forming of a junior boys team. The junior girls teams consisted of a Year 9 and Year 10 team. Special mention needs to be made about the development of the Yr 10 girls team. A separate article talks of their development. At the writing of this article the girls are preparing to attend the South Island Volleyball Championships.
The Junior boys team is progressing well under the expert coaching of Martin Fastier. When the boys got together many of them were new to volleyball. After learning the basics and starting to develop some new skills the boys became more competitive as the season went on.
The School appreciates the time coaches and Managers put in. A special thank you to Danielle Calnan, Simon Heptonstall, Damon Lillis, Lisa Meyer, Alison Howlett and Martin Fastier.

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