Denise Walsh Naming Ceremony of School Auditorium

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Thursday September 25, 2014

On Monday 20th October, 6pm we will be holding a Naming Ceremony to honour the memory and enormous contribution of the late Denise Walsh who died in March this year.

Denise was our much loved and inspirational Head of Drama for over 30 years. She was also nationally and internationally acclaimed for her playwrighting, directing, and staging of original plays.
She is only the second New Zealand playwright (after Bruce Mason) to have a theatre named in her honour.

Denise was innovative in writing One-Act Plays for national and international competitions. Logan Park Drama teams representing New Zealand toured to America, Japan, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, Monaco and other countries over the decades.

She was made a Life Member of the New Zealand Theatre Federation in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the organisation. Denise was one of the key teachers involved in the push for Drama to be accepted a a stand-alone subject in the NZ secondary school curriculum.

A number of Denise's students won scholarships to study Theatre at American universities and to attend the Shakespeare's Globe programmes in London. Many of her students continued to study Drama at Toi Whaakari, New Zealand universities and to become established and respected professional actors, directors, writers and teachers.

Logan Park has been placed on the national and international stage because of Denise's tremendous talent and effort over many years.