Health & Physical Education 2014

By Scott Bayne | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Over the past year, students have taken part in a large range of topics which were designed to not only improve their understanding of how Health & physical Education can improve their own personal ability, but also learn a whole raft of skills which are vital to becoming a well-rounded adult.

In Y9, the students learnt about Hauora, a Maori philosophy of wellbeing. Throughout the year the students continually returned to this concept and how various issues that they may meet as they go through life could influence their Hauora (Physical, Mental & emotional, Spiritual and Social wellbeing).

Topics in Y9 health saw the students looking at body image and the negative effects of the media, substance abuse and its effects on the body and in-depth study into bullying. However, and more importantly, the students looked at why these issues occur and strategies for dealing safety with them.

In PE, the students started the year off by taking part in Athletics. The students attempted the 5 Star Award Scheme, a scheme which challenges the students to attempt three events of their choice and try and get the highest score they possibly can. Over the term the students learnt how to improve their ability using motor skills strategies and also through working in a team of 4 they learnt teamwork and cooperation strategies.

In Term 2 the students took part in a programme which sees them in teams and allocated a role such as manager, trainer, skills coach etc. Throughout the next 5 weeks the students trained with each other, organised games against each other and as a result learnt vital skills which they will need as an adult. Also in that term, the students took part in a module designed to look at the strategies and tactics needed to be successful in various games.

Term 3 saw the students learning how to use various fitness programmes and their effects on the body, and also the safety systems needed when learning to climb.

Term 4 saw the students learning how to learn. They looked at strategies and learnt how people learn new skills.

Year 10 saw the students building on the skills they learnt in Y9. Again, most of what they did was based on not only developing their knowledge and understanding of various issues and topics but also developing the skills they need when they become an adult. They also took part in new activities such as adapted sports which required them to develop their understanding of disabled sports and equity and equality.

One of the biggest aims we have hoped to achieve with the junior HPE curriculum is in developing the concept that PE is not about how good you are at sport but what can you learn about yourself, and what skills and attributes can you develop and improve which could help you when you become an adult?

In the senior school, at all levels students continue to develop and improve their knowledge and understanding of how the body moves, developing the skills and attributes needed to work effectively together and trying new and often challenging activities. For example, the Y13 PE class spent the day learning to scuba dive at the Otago Dive Centre. This entailed the class learning about safety, how to wear and operate the dive equipment and they then spent the rest of the time applying this knowledge underwater. The class also spent a good portion of the year developing and improving their own sports skills.

This individual approach to learning has allowed the students to focus more closely on their own interests.

The Y12 students spent a week at the Ohau snow fields learning to snowboard and then they took on the challenge of working with primary children a local primary school.

Y11 made the big jump to NCEA PE and delved deeper into Physical education, learning about anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. This culminated in a visit to the Otago Anatomy Museum where they were able to see these systems in real depth! However the funniest moment was one Y11 class taking part in dance, yoga and aerobics by following an “expert” on the new big screen in the gym.

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