ODT Class Acts

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Sunday September 20, 2015

Congratulations to Meran Campbell-Hood and Jacobi Kohu-Morris who were Logan Park's Class Act recipients for 2015.

The award recognises outstanding achievements. They were presented their Class Act awards by the Prime Minister John Key at a ceremony in August.

Meran was selected for her top academic achievements and exemplary contribution to Science Fair research and for service in Debating, Public Speaking, Stage Challenge, Orchestra, Choir, website development and her leadership profile, in many instances with awards.  Meran's achievements have been recognised at regional and national levels, leading to international representation at a Youth Science Conference in Australia as well as recognition for a published article in an American Python Computing Magazine.

Jacobi was selected for his top academic achievements, outstanding school leadership and exemplary contribution to school service across the Arts, Sport, Bi-cultural and pastoral care activities. Jake's initiatives and achievements have been recognised regionally and at national level, leading to international representation at Gallipoli ANZAC commemorations this year at the 100th anniversary. He was named Top Speaker in New Zealand in the Lions Speech competition.

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