By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Friday February 14, 2014

Congratulations to all involved with scholarship tutoring and examinations in 2013. Logan Park High School managed 16 scholarships over the last year, including one outstanding scholarship in English.

Logan Park is among the top two scholarship schools in Dunedin this year, having been top of the table for the last five years.

The hard work of the students and many dedicated scholarship teachers paid off as the students sat down to their exams and were rewarded for their efforts. 

Congratulations as follows:

Our Head Boy for this year, Connor Seddon earned an Outstanding Scholarship in English as a Year 12 student. 

Sean Stenhouse, English.

Charlie Ruffman, English and Media Studies.

Mathew Denys of Year 12, Statistics.

Meg Van Hale, English.

Max Garden, History.

Peter Barnett, Physics and Media Studies.

Matthew Scadden, English, Physics and Drama.

Oscar Parker, Media Studies.

Jasmine Seifert Simpson, Chemistry.

Alice Freeman, Biology and Chemistry.

Scholarship is a separate 3 hour exam and is generally awarded to the top 2-3% of students per subject nationally. 

Outstanding Scholarships are awarded to the top 1%.

We have had the largest overall total of scholarships for Otago schools for the past 5 years, but it looks like Columba College with 20 scholarships this year is now narrowly in the lead.