Sports Day 2014

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Sunday March 30, 2014

Every year Logan Park has a lot of fun on our Sports Day. This year was no exception, with all students across at the Caledonian Grounds competing in a range of events.

We had a sunny day and strong House spirit as students competed to beat personal bests, past records and to earn points for their Houses.  

Events hotly contested included High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, Discus, Relay Races and Track races from 100 Metres to 3000 Metres. 

Houses were competing to win points for the much coveted House trophy. While all students were winners for competing, on the day it was Omimi House and Ms Henderson who triumphed. 

A number of top athletes were selected to represent the school at the Otago Champs (see next issue for results).

As well as witnessing wonderful sporting and athletic talents, Logan Park students exhibited some amazing outfits and costumes.

Special thanks to Scott Bayne and the PE Department who organised the whole event.

Cumulative House Points

1st Place Omimi 1619 points 
2nd place Toroa 1316 points 
3rd place Clayton 1280 points 
4th place Aoraki 1110 points 

Ascending Results 


Desc Result Competitor 
G O16 Relay Championship 01:02:84 Omimi Female 
G U14 Relay Championship 01:06:54 Clayton Female 
G U15 Relay Championship 01:01:53 Omimi Female 
G U16 Relay Championship 01:01:70 Clayton Female 

Over 16 

Desc Result Competitor 
100m Final Championship 00:14:81 Dodd Ella 
100m Heat 00:14:61 Dodd Ella 
1500m Championship 06:57:39 Turner Saskia 
200m Heat 00:32:52 Lestarquit Julie 
400m Championship 01:15:66 Miller Pippi 
800m Championship 00:03:06 Turner Saskia 

Under 14 

Desc Result Competitor 
100m Final Championship 00:14:67 Morley Molly 
100m Heat 00:14:73 Morley Molly 
1500m Championship 06:43:13 Locker Mary 
200m Heat 00:32:57 Barton Becky 
3000m Championship 00:13:47 Burnaby Kayla 
400m Championship 00:12:76 Morley Molly 
800m Championship 00:03:04 Barton Becky 

Under 15 

Desc Result Competitor 
100m Final Championship 00:14:58 Saunders Tayla
100m Heat 00:15:01 Campbell Emma
200m Heat 00:32:44 Wetere Ngawai
400m Championship 01:20:73 Scott Laura 
800m Championship 00:03:33 Scott Laura 

Under 16

Desc Result Competitor 
100m Final Championship 00:14:40 Barnett Frances 
100m Heat 00:14:04 Barnett Frances 
200m Heat 00:30:72 Quinn Shania 
400m Championship 00:01:27 Quinn Shania 
800m Championship 00:02:52 Locker Izzie 


Desc Result Competitor 
B O16 Relay Championship 00:52:53 Aoraki Male 
B U14 Relay Championship 01:00:69 Aoraki Male 
B U15 Relay Championship 00:57:82 Toroa Male 
B U16 Relay Championship 00:51:69 Omimi Male 

Over 16 

Desc Result Competitor 
100m Final Championship 00:12:99 Crossman-Nixon Poutama 
100m Heat 00:12:12 Tree Josh 
1500m Championship 05:14:28 STENTON-MARTIN Tyler 
200m Final Championship 00:26:86 Hall Jake 
200m Heat 00:26:93 Hall Jake 
3000m Championship 00:15:42 Young Cody 
400m Championship 01:03:31 Mohamed Ibrahim 
800m Championship 00:02:23 STENTON-MARTIN Tyler 
800m Championship 00:02:23 Cox Sam 

Under 14

Desc Result Competitor
100m Final Championship 00:13:71 Hassan Hafiy 
100m Heat 00:13:43 Hassan Hafiy 
1500m Championship 05:90:00 Hassan Hafiy 
1500m Championship 05:90:00 Holman Isaiah 
200m Final Championship 00:27:87 Hassan Hafiy 
200m Heat 00:28:45 Hassan Hafiy 
400m Championship 01:08:62 Hendriks Matthew 
800m Championship 00:02:44 Araya Joseph 

Under 15

Desc Result Competitor
100m Final Championship 00:12:53 Rose-Wills Zenith 
100m Heat 00:12:65 Mutch Jack 
1500m Championship 05:17:32 Clinch Taine 
200m Heat 00:40:87 Marsh Daniel 
3000m Championship 00:14:10 Bayne Cameron 
400m Championship 01:04:40 Rose-Wills Zenith 
800m Championship 00:02:31 Clinch Taine 

Under 16

Desc Result Competitor 
100m Final Championship 00:12:25 Hall Sean 
100m Heat 00:12:17 Hall Sean 
1500m Championship 05:36:32 Gaudin Henri 
200m Final Championship 00:25:20 Hall Sean 
200m Heat 00:25:47 Hall Sean 
3000m Championship 00:11:50 Gaudin Henri 
400m Championship 01:09:41 McNaughton Grant 
800m Championship 00:02:24 Braid Aidan 
800m Championship 00:02:24 Mckerracher Bryn 

Individual Championship Points 

Overall Results 

Girls Total Points Competitor's Name

Over 16 
Omimi 51 Tash Gosling 

Under 16 
Omimi 54 Shania Quinn 

Under 15 
Omimi 34 Aria Nader-Turner 

Under 14 
Toroa 58 Rosa Miles-Seeley 

Boys Total Points Competitor's Name

Over 16 
Clayton 48 Casey Cuthbertson 

Under 16 
Omimi 87 Daniel Howlett 

Under 15 
Toroa 61 Dylan Deans-Bennett 

Under 14 
Clayton 69 Hafiy Hassan 

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