Te Roopu Class

By Stewart McKean | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

The Te Roopu class has had a lot of changes this year.

During the second term we moved into our new classrooms. We are now in the newly renovated Academy classes and this has allowed the class size to grow during the year. The students have been busy creating artwork and displays for the walls. Students have also been busy making veggie gardens outside the classroom. We are very happy with our new learning environment.

This year we have welcomed a number of new students into the class. During the year students have developed positive friendships in the class. Te Roopu is a caring and supportive environment for students and staff.

We have also welcomed new staff to Te Roopu this year. Kylie, Jenny and Oli have been great additions to the staff. Each has brought their expertise which students have greatly benefited from. Sheila, Wolf, Stewart and Jono have contributed valuable assistance throughout the year. Students have been outstanding with their SPEC work.

In March our Principal, Ms Johnson, recognised the effort that our students put into their work and presented certificates of completion for last year’s SPEC work. All our students should be very proud of their achievement. SPEC is a programme that students throughout the country work on and is nationally recognised. The students also received certificates for completing a First Aid course during the year.

The Te Roopu class has been fortunate to receive a number of new iPads during the year. These have been popular with students. The iPads have contributed to the classroom programme and have added to the learning opportunities of the students.

Students have prospered this year from having Jono teach metal and woodworking skills with the assistance of Wolf. Both Jono and Wolf have a great deal of skill in this area. Students have accomplished a number of projects including making beautiful jewellery and other interesting metal and woodworking objects throughout the year.

Our students have enjoyed the support and encouragement from staff in the wider school as well as organisations in the community. Thank you all for providing learning opportunities for our students. We would also like to thank parent and caregivers who have freely given their time during the year.

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