Clayton House Report

By Josephine Devereux | Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2014

Youre probably aware that Clayton is the greatest house. Well, were also the most gracious.

Having already won the House Cup multiple times, it was our turn to give back. Instead of sweeping the board this year, we decided to give some other Houses a confidence boost — letting Omimi take out Sports Day, Aoraki win rowing, and Omimi have a shot at Dodge Ball. No need to thank us, guys — we take payment in the looks of surprised joy on your faces.

We began the year at our two years running House Day location — Aramoana.  After having spent the majority of previous House Days at Taiaroa Head, with a tiny beach and a dodgy toilet, the change of scenery was a welcome one. Games were played, sausages were had and our bus had a (minor) run-in with a cliff. Cliffs can’t stop us. We’re Clayton.

Sports Day came quickly after, and we marched to the Caledonian with blue stripes on our faces. We took away 3rd place, because while generous, Clayton is not a 4th place kind of House. This year had a lot of third places for us — Dodgeball, Rowing, and Sports Day. We know how to keep it consistent.

This year, as is the case every year, Clayton House elected new leadership for 2014.

They might have regretted their choices. As Head Boy and Girl, Edan and myself put the House Groups through countless House Assemblies, in which we forced them to participate in team exercises and competitive games, in quest of the ultimate prize — the Pizza Party.

I hope that everyone had a bit of fun, and thank you to the Group teachers who conceded to being dressed up, wrapped up and hyped up by the multitude of challenges and exercises each Group participated in. Hopefully it unified us a little more as a House.

Well done, Clayton. It’s been a great year.

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