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By Amanda Wilson | Posted: Thursday November 21, 2013

A Place Where Great Things Happen!

Our class has been very busy again this year. In addition to our regular programme we have also trialled the South Pacific Education Programme (SPEC)  a course that  provides an exciting alternative self directed approach to learning and offering a wide range of exciting topics.

The year's worth of work submitted for external moderation was of a high standard and all students who submitted their folders passed and were awarded with certificates. Well done to Kemp Reynolds, Tyler Walters, John Campbell, Jarrod Morrison and Rangi Edie Manual.

We also congratulate Vaughan Witchall who achieved NCEA L1 this year. This was a huge achievement and one that Vaughan showed commitment and dedication to.

This year we participated in the weekly Adaptive Sports Programme run at various venues around the city. This has given the class an opportunity to mix, make friends and reconnect with students they know from other schools and has given them an opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of sports.

Ribbon Days were particularly successful. The Athletics Special Olympics Ribbon Day held during Term One resulted in all students receiving many first places gaining ribbons across all events.  One of these students, Kieran Allnatt went on to represent Logan Park High School at the Otago Secondary School Athletic Championships.

Students also participated in the Special Olymipcs Football and Ten Pin Bowling events showing their skill and enthusiasm for the games and earning ribbons for their efforts.

Other highlights this year were our weekly community outings especially fishing, BMX biking, paintball, computer gaming, visits to Larnarch’s Castle and visiting skate parks.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Chris Schmeltz one of our Teacher aides who had been with us for several years. We all miss him but we welcome Jonothon Holloway, Jessie Robinson and Oli Wilson to the rest of the team and who have done a great job of taking over where he left off.

Thank you to teachers and all the support staff, volunteers and wider school community who have supported us this year. 

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