KiwiHost Customer Services Course

By Marion Brinsley | Posted: Sunday May 17, 2015

KiwiHost is a 2 day customer service course.

It is facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce, providing students with foundational understandings in serving customers, presentation and communication skills. Students receive both credits and the recognised KiwiHost qualification.  

Ana Kohu-Morris, Jazz Ryan, Belle-Mae Reid, Jazzy Bowen, Terrence Taokia, Chelsea Henman and Ngapera Andrew (MIA is Christina Cabras who unbeknown to us was sitting inside having arrived super promptly) standing outside The Chamber of Commerce about to commence their first of two highly successful days attending the KiwiHost Customer Service Course. 

The students achieved 6 credits, a customer service qualification and evidence of skills for their CVs. Once again our students were highly complimented by their facilitator and her colleagues for their maturity and respectfulness. Well done team!

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